Hornets free

He was born for this, shiny, hard, he would be unstoppable. All consuming, he would fly with a speed and subtle grace like a brass orchestra, all in time, all in sync with one another.

The time was fast approaching, nerves would set in, it was his moment, nothing would be the same ever again, the moment had come, his time for freedom and moment of euphoria had arrived.

a loud noise, a sudden rush, and he was free, hurtling, speeding, faster and faster and faster, the lights a blur, he had one purpose and that purpose was dead ahead.

He knew not what was going to happen, was it a lie, he came to a sudden halt. His job was done, freedom was joyous, it was orgasmic, it was brief, this little hornet had found home.

The marine breathed slowly, his hornet had hit the target...........

The End

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