Horned-Child Ch.2 : Same as me?

Throughout the years he faced stones, sticks, rocks, and getting beaten by the local villagers. The horned-child didn’t care for those sorts of things; he just turned the other cheek and acted as if it didn’t even happen.
One day while he was attending the gardens the horned-child heard a noise not far away. He quickly ran inside his home and brought out a spear. The rustling noise was directing him to the bushes, and so the horned-child threw the spear towards the sounds and out a noise went, “AHHH!” The horned-child ran towards the bush and saw that it was a girl. The horned-child asked the young girl what she was doing so far out of the village but the girl didn’t answer. She just kept looking at his horns which made him a little self-conscious.
The horned-child looked at the girl and scratched his head “If you don’t have a place to stay,” he asked nervously, “Then why don’t you stay here for a while.” The girl giggled and lifted up her hair which made his eyes wider. She also had horns on top of her head too. The boy was very shocked as well as happy to see that someone else had horns too. The girl smiled and introduced herself, “I am Kumiko, and I will gladly stay here and accompany you.” Kumiko lived with happily with the horned-child for many years and they never left each other’s side. Kumiko and the Horned-child were alike but at the same time different; Kumiko hated humans for the disrespect on their kind and wished that someday the humans would perish, while the Horned-child thought the same thing about how humans hated their kind just because they looked different. But he also thought that there had to be a reason for their judgment on his kind; he just could put his finger on why they hated his kind that the humans called them ‘demons.’

The End

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