Horned-Child ch.1

A boy is born with horns on his head and he has to live out his life through sadness, anger, loneliness, love and as well as sacrifice.

Note: I know there are some bad grammar, I really suck at making stories..sorry!

Once upon a time, in a small village there lived a child of abnormalities. The parents from the village were terrified for their child and never wanted their children to even go near it.
This child was born with horns on its head and had lived alone throughout its life. Every day the horned-child would go out and beg for food and for a place to sleep but as always he would just get kicked or thrown to the curb with one or two stones thrown at him.
One lucky afternoon the horned-child was happy an old lady kindly enough to give him a warm place to stay as long as he did the house work.
“I’m not as young as I used to be,” The old woman told the horned-child while getting him a bowl of soup; “I hope you are capable of doing these hard jobs.” The horned-child took the bowl and ate as though he hadn’t eaten in years. The old woman looked at the young horned-child and saw sadness as well as happiness within his eyes. For once the horned-child felt as if he had a home for sure.
Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, the horned-child was happy as ever living and at his new home. As long as he stayed away from the village, he was okay.
That night the old woman prepared some lamb soup for both of them. She sat down looking troubled. “Um, I need to talk to you about something,” she said with a worried face and the asked, “You DO know that you are not like us humans, do you not young one.” The young boy looked at the old woman and emotionlessly nodded his head. “Let me tell you a story,” the old woman continued talking, “When I was young and still traveling I came across a story about your kind. They say if a human befriends a ‘demon’ and the human for gets about them, then that ‘demon’ disappears into thin air.”
Throughout that night the horned-child couldn’t sleep due to the fact what the old woman said. He kept wondering what if the old had forgotten about him? Then what will he do? All he could do was hope. He kept what she said inside his heart knowing that maybe someday he’ll disappear too.

The End

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