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I had never been much of a rebel, or someone who stood up for what was right. I fell in line, I did what I was told and never questioned.  It wasn't because I was stupid either. No I had enough brains to get me through it was my fear, and my indoctrination, but that's what they wanted.  By the easily manipulated age of eight I had become a member of the order. The , order was everything. It was your life, god, education, family, government, religion community.  Followed by zealots lead by what seemed to be gods, creators of this galaxy. They could do amazing things. Things that weren't explained by science or technology it was true proof of a superior being. They could manipulate space by creating portals to other planets something that technology was not capable of harnessing.  The Knights of the order were capable of taking down entire dreadnaughts single handily. They were beyond our reach they were gods. By the age of ten I had become a legion member. A foot soldier, I could handle a gun, remember my commandments as a loyal member of the order, and as well knew the laws of engagement. For a few more years I would be in the training program before I would be sent to serve. The galaxy was in turmoil the enemy I was told was the federation of royal planets, and their allies.  So in my heart knowing my duty to the orders legion set off leaving my home planet angel for first time and never looked backed with righteousness in my heart.  Back then I thought I was doing going to play a serious part in liberating the oppressed people under the royal federation.

Little did I know there was so much more involved. Little did I know of the beneficiaries and why.


I was on the desert planet Phoenix. We had just finished orbital bombardment and had landed on near a refugee root. It was our fault and we were offering help despite us being their liberators and saviors; yet they gave us savage looks, and spat at our hospitality. All though striking me as odd maybe that's people were raised under the royal federation. My platoon was deployed to scout out the sand dunes. I was assigned to the pilot of surveyor ship and was off.  A few hours in we encountered the creature that forever cut me from my past and altered my life.  The sand was seeming to be boiling the surface shifting quickly. The reading of a large life form had covered the surveyor screen. Orders had been shouted into com's unirs to pull out. It was too late as the maw of a creature that could swallow cities whole erupted from the sand.  Despite the barrage of missile fire it did not stop as swallowed more than half of the platoon. Silence fell on the com's as the posterior of the creature slammed into the hull of my surveyor. The world below tremor as if a quake was about to tear it apart.  My ship spun out control, while the controls did not respond.  My struggle not making a difference as the death spiral grew.  The ground grew ever closer just as an explosion went off. Creating a blade of fire that tore the ship and myself apart.


5 years later

I awoke cold sweat pouring down my body the incident still deep in my mind five years later. Putting my right hand in my eyes slowing bringing a set of cold robotic finger across my forehead was of little comfort.  It was too early once again another restless night. Some light was shining through the tinted windows. The planet of Thesperion didn't have a night because it orbited a binary star system.  Kicking my legs off the bed I started the routine, again. Making a coffee lighting a cigarette turning of the screen, check the terminal for any messages, ordering a light meal from the kitchen bot.  Flicked through propaganda, waiting for the inevitable call from the boss. Since the incident five years ago I was discharged from the order.  I was what they called a broken soldier, I was shameful for surviving, upon other reasons.  Now I was mercenary working for a man who called himself Freeon, who ran a syndicate of men and women of different skills renting us out to various clientele. There appeared to be no moral compass for this man or the syndicate he ran.  One day we could be gunning for one side then the next day kill the men we were working for.  Normally someone would feel conflicted by all of this but whatever that was dampened by this wall of nothing. I just did. I pointed my gun at what  I was told to nothing more. There was nothing else but just survival. Survival was using my skills as soldier was all I had. Nothing more to it.  Women, wars, politics, the order none of it mattered. I was nothing just a broken soldier with no future. I don't want to die a simple existence will do and that was what this was.

"Chris man. You there?" A raspy voice cut through the silence coming from a neglected coms device sitting on a cigarrete drowned corner table.

"As always." I responded.

"Excellent, today I have something that may break down that ever disinterested bored look that you wear.  There is a sleek black sr-71 in the space port listed under the name of Lace Varion. A package is already at your door with the credentials to get past all the security and bureaucratic  bull.  From there you are to Pilot the cruiser to Nexus 18. Yes a mobile space metropolis. You will receive more orders on your way there. Be wary of being followed. This is more than a delivery boy mission be aware of that. The client wasn't clear what you will be facing but they said there will be bounty hunters, soldiers and mercenaries coming for you. Best of luck! Oh also half a million credits has been placed into your account and upon completion another million will be placed. There will be no back up and no communication between me and you until it's done. Once again good luck."

The com cut off leaving a few questions but obviously it wasn't for me to know. I geared up, picked up the package and made my way to the space port.

The End

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