Outside our little hellMature

Chapter 7

Now then several weeks after the squirrel and outside our personal hell a very important factor was beginning to stir all the way in horizon city in the bomb proof center of federation tower.

Now this isn’t my memory but it is fundamental to the overall story so if you plan to follow this tale you will want to pay attention.

A dark room flashing screens here a blinking light there was grumbling men wandering round examining various documents with grim eyes but forced hopeful smiles. 

Dracert sat swamped by a mountain of papers all towering way over his head his skin was now a much paler blue and deep worry wrinkles had developed his eyes were completely bloodshot and nails now the most hideous yellow I have ever seen.

“Minister new reports the third planet has fallen and lodged its alliance with Yanon.” Piped a grey hair stout little alien

“great who now first Granned then Fhaner now who” cried Dracert (Stress didn’t suit him at all despite his tough exterior).

The men seemed almost afraid to tell him who turned but in the end it came out and it was bad real bad.
”Haggenit. Apparently Camile was preventing them from joining but now that he’s gone well Yanon has access to every mercenary in the galaxy.” One stated almost winced after wards (Bloody cowards).

Dracert roared in outrage and sent two massive stacks of paper flying around the room it was obviously not a good time to be him. The workers winced in fear one actually put up a guard to defend himself from attack of flying paper.

“Sir it gets worse your assassination attempts have all come back well assassinated.”

“YANON! I thought they were the best assassins the galaxy!” Screamed Dracert

“Well sir um actually as far as we know that is Hunter who is most likely dead.”

“You have to be joking.” Sighed Dracert “Next plan?”

“War?” squeaked the men

“Fine prepare for war we will take him out with everything we have.” Dracert declared with the feeblest war cry ever “You tell the Minster of defense.”

Then a buzz on the screen and a crack and all heads rolled ominously to the big screen in anticipation for some sort of hope. What they got how ever was the exact opposite.

Four figures spread across the screen one a man shrouded by black cloaks head tilted down at the ground a large plasma blade scythe sticking out across his high covered shoulder. A blaster clinging to his hip and the smallest trickle of blood on the end of his sleeve but from the position it seemed to be someone else’s.

He stood out on the left standing almost statue like next to him, Granned the massive hulk of a minister who turned rouge to join Yanon dressed in a comfortable suit smiling to himself revealing his reptilian yellow teeth his grey skin gleaming in the light. As his dark hair danced over his head. Then over on the outside right an almost trembling dreadfully thin Farnen his dark hands crossed twiddling his thumbs like a helpless child, his bald head seemed to have sunken on top of his brain from stress. But the widest smile of all belonged to the small grey mouse like president Yanon who was rocking back and forth in his seat with glee.

“So Dracert it has come to this, I will give you one final chance you either surrender now or I will force you out of that lovely tower and allow my friend Granned to parade down the street with your head on a stake.” Yanon opened (His sneering tone was like nails on a chalk board and pried Dracert’s temper out of hiding)

“Listen here you little rat! My men are on there way and they will blow you fur covered rear out of my galaxy!” Dracert bellowed rising eyes wide with fury fist’s trembling

“Tough talk pity our scientists mastered the Anti matter bomb, you will be destroyed.” Grunted Granned

“Granned you bumbling oaf! That was a surprise for him but now it’s all out and it is true Dracert it is best is you leave now.” Yanon quipped

“You wouldn’t dare with civilians at such risks you want them to service you but if all you want to do is make idle threats then good day to you sir.” Mumbled Dracert

“Um Granned said mastered we have a way to control the blast zone so only what we want will be destroyed.” Squeaked Fhaner

Dracert fell silent shocked appalled and rather frightened it was all over what could he do everything had failed him assassins diplomacy and now his army would fall. His advisers and scientists were absolutely shocked one of them had begun an equation followed some himming and hawing. 

The old proverb fight fire with fire was out the window (You don’t fight fire with a matchstick). And Dracert’s army was the matchstick he has a nice flame that can burn you if you let it but Yanon no had a never dying raging inferno that would swallow the land whole.

A loud smash came from the screen and the three ministers dropped to the ground howling with surprise and shock. An assassin that was thought dead had just exploded into the building casting shards of glass everywhere.

Dracert’s heart rate soared his eyes welled with tears. Hope and pride ran through his body just a few shots and it was all over finally Yanon would be killed and he will look like a brilliant leader once again. He would escape this horrible room and get back to his freshly squeezed orange juice and pressed suit pants (Normality I am Dracert hear me roar). He was smiling widely even the grim advisers and scientists that surrounded him were bright eyed and bushy tailed. Dracert was so full of glee he almost missed the statue like man springing to life blade flashing then the screen went blank contact was terminated.


The End

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