Its flash back timeMature

   Chapter 6


That night I had a rather unsettling sleep which infact is quite the ordinary for me because I have more bad sleeps then good. See I always have the exact same nightmare actually more of a flash back or memory. But on this night I don’t why maybe it was the flying terrier sized bugs or the strange howls but it was clearer. I mean as clear as the day it happened usually the details are sketchy or but not tonight oh god no. 

So folks that would bring me to say. Its flash back time!

I was only ten years old and my dad and I were in Washington DC one of the earth’s capital. Earth had experienced a great economic boom after their first ever space war and the capital was polished primed and proper. The war started twenty years ago and lasted ten years my father had just met my mother and joined the military effort at twenty.  They were high school sweet hearts thanks to his wolf genes he was a star jock and she was Valid Victorian. Of course the government at the time accepted all credit, and the poor soldiers got nothing but heart ache and wounds. My dad much like me was a wolf gene carrier and had fought in the war he was admired as a hero and spoke out against the treatment of the soldiers. I was incredibly proud to call him my father. My mother was killed in a bombing of Detroit she was volunteering helping injured and the sick a wasted life of war. I had only been a month old when she died and was with my grandparents at the time needless to say the loss of my mother damaged them deeply. The worst pain a parent can feel is the loss of a child. Every year on the anniversary of her death I saw a different side to my dad vulnerability the iron man was turned to putty by the death of the one he loved. But anyway I was walking side by side with my father on the bustling streets of the capital cruisers of all kinds floating over head the restored Washington monument.

The sky seemed to be tauntingly sunny like the new atmosphere knew what was coming and wanted to hurt me more.

My dad was dressed in a suit he was about to get all the soldiers a monument made from white marble it was supposed to be a twenty foot tall statue of soldiers defending Asia. There I was so proud my dad a war hero and diplomat I might also point out my name at the time was Matthew. I changed it to Hunter later but that story is for another flashback. 

There we were the cool guys about to grab the man by the preverbal and show him just what we thought. I messed with my suit it was my first suit and may I say your first suit is always the worst. A snaring tie and itchy shirt I hated that thing just like a straight jacket for kids.

“Why do I have to come?” I complained as we trudged towards the white house

Now I must point America does not run earth oh no America, Russia and The European parliament take equal responsibility for the running of the planet.

“Like I told you son, today we have a very special job our talks finally come to an end and daddy gets a new job.” He replied his mouth widened into his handsome friendly smile

“But this suit I mean I am so dorky in it.” I growled I clutched the tie around my neck as if trying to strangle it

“Your mother would be so proud of you right now; did you go over those combat techniques I showed you last night?” he laughed as if he needed to ask of course I did I wanted to be just like him

“Hey smarty don’t try and change the subject, I get why your here your some big fancy Diploma. But why me.” I whined in of course the whiny childish way only a ten year old can master

“Diplomat and I want to show off the value of family to these big cats.” He corrected

“Oh so I’m just a clever ploy is that it?”

“What wait no I didn’t mean that and you…… Why are you smiling?”

“It’s called sarcasm dad keep up.”

He chuckled and we rounded a corner we were passing an old ally when my day turned bad.

An old lady was being assaulted and robbed by a massive thug who was planning to rob her.  This, made my father more furious then I have ever seen him before my grandparents were killed in a riot by a thug just like this.

“Get behind those cans don’t move till I get back. Hey try me coward!” He bellowed

The man wheeled around dropping the old lady to the ground and opened fire with his laser. My father was too quick he rolled out of the way and bounced off a wall twirled in the air and landed a few meters away from the thug. The thug pulled the old lady off the ground and used her as a hostage. He pressed the barrel of the laser right to the lady’s temple I will never forget his cold pain fueled stare as his finger wrapped around the trigger. But my father stood steely cool and glared intensely I was captivated by his confidence. 

“Look this doesn’t have to happen just release her and run I won’t come after you.” My father bargained he inched forward

“Stay still suit! You don’t know what its like when I was thirty I risked everything for my planet and my reward no money no house just a fifty year old bum!” he spat his voice trembled with venom and rage

“Don’t ever call me a suit! I was twenty and I joined the fight I watched men get torn limb from limb for this planet! I lost my wife for this planet! I’m trying to make it better for us just release her and come with me.” My father shouted inching forwards   

“There is no better for us man don’t you see they take and take and what do we get in return absolutely nothing! And I told you take another step and I shoot!” He replied

“Your wrong we are heroes I have a son and he worships the ground I walk on. What else would you want other then some one who thinks you’re the bravest man ever.” My father took another step forward and bang the thug pulled the trigger never even thinking twice no remorse

After that I ran my father lay in blood a massive hole where his head was now just an empty abyss. The woman screamed and the thug shot her two people ran and yelled and there I was running tears welling up. The world flashed past at the speed of light. My dream then went to when I was adopted by an eccentric martial arts enthusiast who was training children to be assassins. We were raised in a jungle away from society I was there from the age of twelve. I was there until I was fifteen that was when a student Rafag killed our trainer in his sleep. From then on I was on my own in the world no family no friends and that was when I changed my name to Hunter.

All right folks that ends out tour into my past sorry the second flash back wasn’t as detailed but that was how it came to me that night. So please get up the exit is to your left have a safe drive back to the original story.

I woke the next day in a pool of my own sweat Camile the traitor was sitting in fear very still almost frozen there as if something bad was happening again.

I gathered myself and looked around wiping the sweat from my brow. Then I saw it twenty large wolves picking at our deer carcass they didn’t seem to happy about our scraps. I looked at Camile’s wrinkled terrified and he nodded his head back towards a large tree with low branches perfect wolves can’t climb. So we sprinted and as soon as we ran the wolves turned around and bounded after us snarling twenty wolves not good. I jumped almost tripping, and caught branch. I swung from an unbelievably scrawny branch. The branch began to bend but thanks to my nails and immense finger strength I just managed to stay steady. Camile turned into a more lean shape and scrambled swinging his legs as if to fly the wolves snapping and growling at his tattered suit covered body.

I reached down fumbling for his wrist as he reached up for me but then I realized he is why I’m on this living hell.

I quickly snatched back my wrist leaving him to the snapping jaws of death, Camille struggled to get higher up as a wolf jumped and just skimmed his foot. Camile yelped and rocketed up through the branches in fear and finally got to me covered in the maple leaf shaped spines.

“You left me to die!” Barked Camile he looked like a sort of marathon runner

I laid back on two forking branches one hand behind my back the other waving casually in the air over head the snapping beasts just out of reach.

“Well Camille the way I see it now we are even.” I snarled

“Your some piece of work letting your only friend die.” He retorted

“Oh no your not a friend you choose your friends you are my is it safe to eat this man.” I listed

“What the hell is that.” Squeaked Camille forcing himself against the tree trunk

“That cute grey thing?” I asked confused with how a squirrel could scare him

“Yes is it poisonous?” he whimpered   

“No it’s just a squirrel it can’t harm you.”   

The wolves below were growing disinterested in us and began to wander off after prey that couldn’t climb. The squirrel stretched its little squirrelly body towards a round nut hanging from a branch over head. Just as its fingers grasped the end of the nut a rather large bat shaped animal flew past and clipped the squirrel with a scythe shaped claw. The squirrel froze and fell right to its little hairy back rigid like a plank of wood paralyzed.

“Ah the Entrefang paralyzes it’s prey with its little poisonous toxic then unhinges its jaws and swallows its prey hole.” Narrated Camille

I felt utterly sick as the strange bat like animal devoured the poor squirrel whole and then glided to a nest near by. 

The End

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