Holy flying terriersMature

Chapter 5

More weirdness there was grass underneath me GRASS. Now I don’t know about you normally when I go human bobsledding down a mountainous sand dune I usually expect some sand when I land not a freezing cold lake and grass. And defiantly not the towering shadow of massive palm trees what a strange hell, I might even like it (Yeah Karma I love you).

I began to flutter my eyes they were caked in sand not pleasant at all. I rolled over onto all fours and began coughing up sand while I gazed at my paradise my whole body ached and creaked from the stress of the fall. My hand flew to my hilt phew it was fine (See if the fuel cells in a plasma sword gets damage it goes well boom). Which can be quite funny if it doesn’t happen to you, it can also save your life. I began to rise, that was when I heard quite a scary sound the eight foot Camile roaring not in anger but in fear.    

I wheeled around and flicked my plasma blade to life the warm glow felt welcoming in my hands almost like an old friend had returned. Camile was coming closer swinging madly at giant insects there was about twenty of them each the size of a terrier green wings with little red spots (Karma once again I hate you). Stingers trailed behind them as they flew on their see through wings with massive poisonous pincer in front. There yellow eyes glowed with one ambition feeding time a series of clicking noises were coming from them.

Camile drew nearer only about ten feet away from me I raised my sword in defense (bring it you over stuffed lady bugs). Camile ran past and stumbled over a root which was jutting out and I did what any sensible person would do. I punched him the face with my free hand and sent him crashing into the lake. The splash was unbelievable but I didn’t care I needed to escape from these beetle things. The insects drew nearer clicks getting louder and louder I held fast waiting for my chance.

The beetle thingy-majijs flew right towards me sort of like a jousting position in three rows. When the first were only about two feet from me I struck swinging with precise control and laughing manically (Mad man moment). I took out five before they dispersed in a sort of orb form in the air behind me clicking madly. Five of them withered and kicked on the ground little faint blue glows around their wounds they were all fatal (Muhahaha).

Still no sign of the bear like Camille a little worrying I wasn’t going into that water to escape if he didn’t return. The beetles mobilized for a second assault in drones of four this time from all sides (not good even a psycho like me knows that).

The insects began their series of loud clicks Camile’s horn covered head pooped out of the water thank god he was alive which meant I won’t die. The four groups flew in and I swung in a circular arc the faint blue mist flew from the blade several of the insects were hit but not badly. As my plasma blade came down to the end of it’s arc. I hunched over retracted the blade and rolled under the beetles. Then using all my leg strength I crashed right into the lake with a fabulous flipped followed by a spectacular dive if I do say so myself (And this is my story so I will say so myself thank you very much). Camile dove wildly as the beetles skimmed over head they seemed to believe we were dead and they can’t swim thank god.

Under the lake was beautiful deep pulsing blue with strange purple and red corals mixed with pleasant green weeds. My breath was completely taken then I remembered the water was freaking freezing and I’m not a fish I need to breathe.

I broke the surface and was right beside the now wrinkly and dripping Camile.

“So have a nice swim then?”  I teased as I began to swim back to shore

“You wouldn’t be so tough with out that sword.” He shot  

“Oh contra old boy yes I would, need I remind you eight deadly arts. And we wouldn’t be alive with out this sword.”

“Just because I wasn’t given one.”

“No because you don’t have one. Ha I win oh yeah! Burn baby! Burn!” (A little over board but in fairness I won)

We crawled our way onto the grassy shore the sun was settling and the moon was coming out.

“We should settle over there in those woods there only like a Kilometer away we should be there in like half an hour or so. Then we will be less exposed and we can have a small fire.” I instructed I began to walk

“And why should go with you?” Barked Camile

“Oh I dunno maybe……… because I have this!” I drew my sword and pinned him to a tree and put it right at his throat the plasma licked his soft flesh as it glowed powerfully in the moon light “And I need some one to make sure we can eat stuff.”

Camile marched without question in front of me I began to wonder was there any thing on this planet that wasn’t a blood crazed killer? We reached the edge of the woods after about thirty minutes trees towered over head they were massive broad pale reddish brown trunks with pines bunched together so they looked like maple leaves.

Bushes stretched around the bottom the lack of human interference was now becoming very apparent. Long blusters of ivy stretched around the trunks it was a feast for the eyes as the moon light glittered though the gaps between the trees.  


We trudged through the thick bushes and into the thick of the forest small rabbits flashed in front so fast they looked like black silver and brown flecks in the air.

“We should bring some kindle with us might keep the beasts at bay.” Suggested Camile

“Helpful what the hell is wrong Camile?” To say I was stunned was an understatement

“As long as we are here we may as well work together boy.”

“Fine but never call me boy remember I have the sword.”

Camile stifled a laugh this money hungry killer could laugh who knew. We gathered up bits of wood from the trees and forest floor and made our way to a small clearing just down a little from the oasis. We decided to stay relatively close to our water source just in case god know were the next water source may be. The fire was simple enough to start just had to tap the pile of sticks with the plasma sword and presto instant camp fire.

“Okay this kindle will last like ten minutes.” Camile groaned

“Oh just you watch this.” I grinned drawing the plasma sword I wheeled around and faced a tree

Now for another gift from the wolf gene super agility. That’s right I’m stronger faster and more agile then pretty much anything beat that. I ran towards a tree and jumped into the air about fourteen feet flipped and slashed off the top of the tree in one swift movement. The top fell to the ground with a thud and I landed slashing and laughing hysterically (Muhahaha moment).

Camile walked over clapping as I breathed heavily placing the plasma blade back.

“Very talented took out an inanimate unarmed opponent.” He mocked

“I know, hey did you think the flip was to much?” I laughed

We dragged our newly chopped kindle over to the camp fire the next job was dinner which came in the form of roasted deer.  It was nice to know that not everything here would eat me. We spent a few hours trying to make a temporary ten from branches leaves and twigs. By the end it looked well let’s just say okay. Basically it was four thick sticks in the ground with branches and twigs and leaves on the top for shelter.

The End

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