My life is full of lying snakesMature

Chapter 4 


At this point the frail Camile was getting a little worried you see through his entire life he surrounded him self with trust worthy protectors. Now for the first time ever he was exposed in the light surrounded by untrustworthy capturers.
”Oh Camile so scared. But yes I am double crossing you.” Replied Dracert

“But why I played your part perfect and it wasn’t easy I brought you my main attack man so you could inject more faith in your justice system and all I ask for is release.”

“Let me think………… No I would much rather bring you in to and show Yanon just what I can do that miserable oaf thinks he can bully me.”

“Oh you’re playing right into his hands. He will over throw you I will escape hunt you down and kill you then when the people rebel I will pretend to be you and rise to power.” Camile gulped he was trying to play a wise tough guy act but Dracert wouldn’t bite

“Oh screw this little pantomime just arrest him and the assassin and let’s get them to Unfregent.” Dracert ordered

When I awoke I was in a large star cruiser heading for a prison planet. Where all raw materials suitable for space travel had been harvested leaving nothing but trees and a collection of the deadliest animals in de galaxy (Yippee).

Across from me a small wrinkled pale blue Xardian with short little butts of horns at the time I didn’t know this was the real Camile though I was beginning to wonder why was every one I met today an Xardian?

I gazed around the dark black cell I was suspended by energy cuffs. I knew I couldn’t break the cuffs I mean they were after all raw energy but the roof that I might just be able to do. I began to yank and tug trying for some give in the roof I swung back and forth nothing at all just a swinging idiot in a cage.

“Even the carrier of the wolf gene can’t break his cage Hunter they knew you were coming this whole place is reinforced against you, I should know after all.” Laughed the old Xardian “IT IS TECHNICALLY MY CRUISER

At that point I didn’t know what confused me more the fact that he knew my name and knew what I was or the fact that he was a prisoner in his own cruiser (So I did the nice thing ask the old wrinkly stranger).

“Who are you? How do you know me? Why are you locked up in your own ship and for the love of god someone please tell me why is everyone a damn XARDIAN?” I bellowed I thought the shouting was a nice theatrical touch

“I can answer that Hunter.” Replied a familiar voice

“Dracert how the hell did you get Camile to double cross me?” I spat (Questions and answers time)

“First off he knows you because he is Camile and he double crossed you to save his own cowardly skin.” Sneered Dracert he poked me right in the ribs with a steel bar (Man I hate that guy) “did you really think it would be that easy to kidnap me?”     

“Wow, wow, wow I met Camile and he was a hell of a lot more impressive then that old-timer. And yeah I did think it would be that easy because I’m cocky like that.”    

“I am not old I am a shape shifter but I can only do Xardians.” Replied Camile to prove his claim he became eight feet of muscle and then a frail eight year old Xardian boy

“You double crossed me.” I swung my feet at the cage wall but only succeeded in getting electrocuted

Dracert was now laughing away to him self brushing off his suit.

“Calm down Hunter you will be released soon on planet Unfregent along with mister Camile. Oh and every time you kick the electrical voltage goes up so I wouldn’t do it to much unless you wanna be fried wolf” Dracert answered

“It’s true you know man I love this……” Camile never got to finish I cut him off in mid sentence

“Shut up traitor you don’t get to speak. You do know I’m not really a wolf it’s just a gene I posses”  

“Yeah you filthy traitor. Oh I know I just love it so much more then human. You know there are wolves down there such a majestic creature.” Dracert snapped

Camile turned into Dracert and stuck out his tongue.

“Yeah you filthy traitor.” He mocked then switched back to the old timer “All high and mighty if I could get my hands on you I’d……”

“And do what throw your pension at me then get shot down by my guards I don’t think so I’m trained in seven deadly arts.” Dracert snarled he was a lot tougher then the Camile version

“Ha I have eight deadly arts.” I replied (Just to update I now know ten)

“Show off.” Giggled Dracert (I still hate him even tough we are having friendly banter)

“If I could, get my eight foot strong man form out there I would kick you’re……” Camile began but once again I cut him off (this was becoming fun)

“Hey I said no talking traitor. Besides incase you don’t remember he has a guard in here with a laser.” I interjected

I looked around again and noticed I still had my plasma blade but I couldn’t reach it. As if reading my thoughts Dracert answered my own question without me even asking how rude.

“I let you keep the sword in the point of fair play but the blaster that is mine now.”

“Hey what do I get?” asked Camile

“Him providing he lets you live.” Dracert replied

“Oh he’ll be alive I need someone to check what is or isn’t edible.” I Growled

Camile winced became the eight foot muscle giant and began to pull at the energy cuffs and cage roof. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an eight foot Xardian body builder but it is pretty damn scary. His horn Mohican was long and pure white his skin was the deepest blue I had ever seen he had spine chilling black eyes like some sort of demon. But worst of all were his straining blowing ball like muscles which were now looking like they would explode. His face went pure purple with strain and focus he put his feet up on the bars to get a little extra power. But the electric current flowed up his body he tried to fight through the metal over head began to creak.

For the first time Dracert seemed scared this blue skinned Hercules was beginning to dent the roof. I watched a little amazed but not scared I knew I was stronger if I wanted I could do the exact same but I didn’t want to they had a laser. Dracert banged on the steel wall but just as he did the current over whelmed Camile and he dropped gasping for air from bought pain and exhaustion his muscled body rose and fell as sweat dropped from his head along with a little purple blood from his nose. All his efforts left was a tiny dent.

Two guards walked in but Dracert waved them back out now smiling once again it seems the prospect of an eight foot monster escaping scared even this battle tested Minster.

“So the jolly blue giant is hurt can’t say I’m not surprised quite impressive tough all the same maybe you should have tried to fight for freedom.” Mused Dracert

“You’re lucky I don’t completely test my limits I have become animals before!” threatened Camile

Now I really, really hated this guy he knew that escape would of be impossible Camile was out gunned hell this was the thinking man’s alternative. (And I don’t think too much).

“Oh I know that but I also know your to afraid of losing control of your own body to do it, every time you become an animal a piece of your original mind is lost. We all heard the tales of the original Xardian shape shifter who became dragon and never returned to his natural state.” Mocked Dracert

 I looked out the window next to my cage I could now see a desolate planet. Where sandy desserts collided with open seas two massive continents separated by a vast river like ocean. Forests ran round often behind open grassland on any ones book this place was paradise but I was going to learn to call it Hell.

“What’s wrong hunter the fact that there is no way out only sinking in now?” teased Dracert what I wouldn’t give to take his head off at that moment

“I, um how bout a deal I become your man for hire?” I pleaded anything to avoid eternal exile (I just tried to join the lying snakes club)

“How bout no, I don’t trust you your to much like me.” Replied Dracert “Besides we’re here now.”

“Please Dracert rethink I could be a very powerful ally.” Begged Camile he was now disguised as the old man

“Or an ever greater enemy.” Sneered Dracert

The cruiser broke effortlessly through the atmosphere and began to lower to the sandy desserts below. Wind flowed round the wings bringing with it a rain of sand I could already tell this was going to be tough. Two heavily armed guards walked in with animal restraint devices you know those long bars with a wire collar on the end. They opened the door and slipped them over our necks, the latches that the energy cuffs were attached too were released and I fell hard to the cage floor.  

“Okay boys this is where you get off.” Instructed a guard

“Have fun.” Laughed another

We were violently dragged to the edge of the cruiser and were still hovering in the air would we die on impact? Sand completely blocked my vision it was like a blanket of yellow darkness. I could feel the cruiser dip to one side Camile was becoming the eight foot beast again which could only mean one thing trouble. Before he could even strike a single blow we and our restraints were falling they had hit us with a by a zap cannon (Basically a really big gun that shoots electricity).

I’m not sure how far o fell all I knew is the further I fell the thinner the sand storm became the next thing to come into view was a giant sand dune. I fell faster and faster the dune getting closer with every second in the distance I could hear the furious roars of the giant Camile swearing. I crashed hard on the sand and sprawled out then I began to roll and slide uncontrollably sand going every where. I banged my back pretty hard at one point I stopped but as soon as I got up well I was dizzy and fell again even further down the giant dune. The roars from Camile had stopped but I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.

My sword hilt dug into my side leaving a pretty nasty bruise, the sky and sand seemed to blend together for the few minutes that my eyes were actually opened any way. My head was ringing with pain and dizziness hair now completely engulfed in sand I guess this was my official welcome to hell (Thank you Karma I hate you).        

My throat was dry and full of sand (which by the way doesn’t taste nice at all). The massive dune began to even out to a gentle slope then to completely flat ground. I rolled for a few more feet but I was now out cold to quote myself from earlier.


The pain was intense unbelievable but not the worst pain I’ve ever felt. My left hand flopped weightlessly to out to my err left. It landed casually into cold water, now I am talking ice cold which was strange seeing how I was in a desert and just rolled down a sand dune.


The End

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