Chapter 3


“You’re never going to make it.” Bellowed the minister

“Oh I think we will fifty million Galata for the safe drop off of you nothing will stop me.”

The guards couldn’t understand why they couldn’t take this guy out (me again). He was almost like something out of a horror film unstoppable. An entire barrage of highly trained hand to hand warriors cast aside like worthless bags of trash now writhing in pain.

I dragged the minister to a dimly lit star cruiser yard and kept sprinting the guards and drones near by still waiting for an open shot.

The yard was full of all sorts of cruisers from sports models to large transport ones. Much to everyone’s surprise instead of going to a sturdy large transport one I threw the minister into a large blue luxury cruiser. It was an incredible cruiser sleek  fast but most importantly it was mine. Dark windows held in place by a thick metallic blue hide. I stroked the metallic ship as I walked to the entry confidence welling.

As soon as the minister left my back the guards and drones opened fire but to late. I was prepared as they opened fire I wheeled around, arms swinging in every direction deflecting lasers with my pillar bands (always leave them thinking). I walked slowly smiling as the entry door closed, the guards had to concede defeat by the time they would have assembled a fleet to chase me I would be long gone and lost in endless space. But still they fired the useless lasers at my and drones tried to ram the ship.

“All right that is it mobilize tracker units!” Bellowed their commander


My blue cruiser shot off over head into the sky hurtling at incredible speeds.

“Get every friendly planet in the galaxy on red alert!” Screamed the commander into a small communication device “Chief Minister Dracert is gone! What are you fools waiting for get into some ships and blast that son of a Ratert back here now!”

The minister Dracert was sitting rather uncomfortably in a large leather and plastic revolving chair in the cockpit. Dracert watched as me his capture (of course it was me who else would you expect Bono?) holding a steering wheel loosely in my right hand and my left hand flicked at switches and poked at a touch screen HUD in front of me. My left hand flew like a bullet to Dracert’s chest pocket and swiped his holophone tearing pocket and all. The titanium phone shattered in my hands bits and grains of the phone spilled to the cruisers nice clean floor. I pushed a button and the pieces of phone were sucked into an eternal vacuum to be compacted. A hologram of earth came up on the HUD I tapped it and then the cruisers stainless steel steering wheel slowly glided out of the way towards the dash board. Auto pilot had been engaged now at this point I thought Dracert’s mind would begin to race why earth? What was going to happen next.

  I was now rustling with presses in the hall tearing off my suit shirt and jacket revealing my tundra vest. I messed around at the presses for a while taking out clothes until I was dressed wearing loose combat trousers the tundra vest, Pillar bands and electriton gloves. My arms were totally exposed along with my weaponry a retractable staff and blaster. But I quickly put the staff away and began to walk towards the Minister mumbling something (Two lines of itsy bitsy spider) under  my breath. Then pop I flicked a hidden press and a plasma blade sword fell into my gloved hands. (The plasma blade sword was basically a hilt that had telescopic center rod resembles a car aerial which shoots out of the hilt automatically. The rod then produces a blue substance which is gas solid and liquid all at the same time dubbed plasma though I don’t know what it really is.)

Dracert winced as he saw the flowing blue substance it was like a river on a hilt only it never left the hilt. It dripped down to the base but seemed to never leave the top.       

“Uh, uh, uh, ddddidn’t I have those… banished… and ah… outlawed?” swallowed the minister he climbed into the chair fingers dug tightly into the clear arm rests

“You did, but planet Haggenit doesn’t always follow your little laws.” I Grinned I pushed a button and the blade retracted almost instantly laving nothing but a faint slow fading mist “Minister, greetings my name is Hunter and I will be your capture for this evening.” I added with a laugh

“You mean that crime seas pool over in quadrant four?”

“The very one Dracert the very one.”

“Nothing but lowbrow thugs roam there.”

“Ha but if you go down the right street I know a vendor that can get any military class weapons bit costly though.”

I fiddled my beautiful swords hilt around in my fingers before hanging it on my utility belt opposite my life saving blaster.

“So you like my toys?” Dracert sneered  

“No Dracert, your scientists toys not yours.”

“So what else do you have?”

“Well Dracert.” I was now walking right beside the revolving chair Dracert was on and grabbed the edge right beside Dracert’s right ear. “You and your little police crack down cost me a very big toy I wanted to buy a hydrogen francium fusion missile launcher for the ship. Huh but your little boys arrested an employer who was giving me big money.”

“Good I’m glad scum like you has no fire power like that it could be disastrous.”

“No it would have been marvelous, fantastic, incredible, indescribable really”

“You’re insane Hunter!” Spat Dracert sitting nose to nose with me

“I see why people voted for you, you have a little bite. Which shrinks the moment a threat arises I might add. But let me assure you your pilot is far from insane, rather overly sane.”

“Really all I see is a mad man in a fancy toy.”

“Well I see how this galaxy truly works; see all the big boys get what they want. While me the low lives we are forgotten forced into this life and then you and your big boys ridiculed us for it.”

“No you’re at this because you couldn’t handle being a big boy Hunter I know your type shirking from responsibilities acting like you own the place.”

“But I can handle being a man for hire. Ha! That’s a laugh. I would love to see you plan out a big job. You’re probally just like Camile the Syndicate leader hiding in the shadows afraid of everything around you.”

“What do you know about the Syndicate?” Dracert enquired still fuming from earlier but his courage was returning

“I know I’m getting fifty million Galata from Camile personally to bring you to him alive. So what did you do?”

“I brought in his big wigs a locked them away big wigs like you.”

“Big wigs, is that what you think I am kind of flattering. But bringing a random collection of talented crooks wouldn’t annoy Camile I know I’ve been paid to send him a message many times. Kill his family members, nothing, stop jobs, nothing, kill his men, and still nothing he is untouchable. So before I give you straight to the monster I want to know what did you do?”

“I cost him some money.”

“How much? I mean I’m getting fifty million just for you.”

“One hundred and million Galata Hunter.” He sighed obviously regretting it

“What! Oh minister you really are a piece of work.” I Laughed I spun the minister’s chair and sat into my own

When the minister eventually stopped his chair from spinning he was looking at a whistling man. Who now had his hands behind his head and feet crossed on the dash board watching space pass by solar system by solar system. The minister gathered himself more afraid now the he ever was before gazing into a man with out remorse only horrible glee. Then Dracert noticed something a single tear was welling up in my left eye

“See all those stars out there all countless like the lives I’ve ruined.” I sighed my heart felt heavy like lead damn remorse always makes me feel bad

“When am I due at earth?”

“Twenty minutes now then I can finally walk away from this for ever I’m out and all I have to do is hand you over.”

“How did you evade my troops I thought for sure someone would have stopped us.”

“Your men are sloppy infrequent and poorly trained you rush them out after two months training not nearly enough to establish discipline. Spartans were trained from five years old your men just two months.” I recited “Oh and they are only checking at, driver stops and I refueled before kidnapping you.”

“Hmm human history?”

“You’d be surprise what a talented man for hire learns to pull off a job.”  

“Really indiscriminate pointless facts Hunter that doesn’t seem like you.”

“What do you know about me minister? I once had to pretend to be a history lecturer for week’s man that was a good kid scrubbed a pretty damn shiny floor.”

“What all tough all of a sudden? Ha the poet has a spilt personality.”

“I am a tortured soul much like any artist a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” (I thought the Shakespeare was a nice quote)

“You’re an arrogant fool Hunter.” Snapped the minister now I really didn’t like him

“I’d buckle up turbulence.” I Remarked I quickly buckled then I kicked the steering wheel casting the cruiser into a random swirling jerking movement

Dracert was tossed around cruiser in random banging and clanging. He slammed into windows and presses the revolving chair and then straight into a large steel press.


His lifeless body flopped to the floor covered in bruises, I was positive Camile wouldn’t mind the marks and claim a discount for damaged goods.

The cruiser broke effortlessly through the earths reconstructed atmosphere (after a rather large war and years of pollution it was terribly damaged almost irreversibly damaged.)

The cruiser hovered over the Bahamas one lagoon was surrounded almost completely by large black cruisers all fully tricked out incredibly expensive. I pulled in to confront them about twenty black suited men were standing out side in a ring all Syndicate.

I carefully pulled down into the ocean right on the edge of the surf.

“All right sleeping beauty lets go eh.” I grunted I scooped up Dracert over my shoulder and walked towards the dropping platform

It lowered slowly onto the damp sand the surf gently rolled in and out licking the sand carefully. The sun glowed over the beach treetops tropical birds fluttered around effortlessly on the wind. I trundled out, the wet sand drooped under my heavy feet, a door opened from one cruiser the platform dropped and standing on it was a rather large Xardian man Camile.

“Good day Camile you have my money?” I quizzed sword drawn not daring to take my eyes of him

Camile grabbed a large metal brief case from the pilot smiled then walked to the center of his men.

“Why isn’t my minister moving?” Camile snapped glaring at the motionless lump on my shoulder

“Oh this, this thing turbulence he didn’t buckle up. You should always buckle up.” I sneered

“Turbulence in a vacuum?” Camile snorted unimpressed

“Had to evade oncoming traffic and government fighters.”

I walked forward the sand crunching underneath me as I slowly crossed the small void between us. Camile extended the briefcase as I bent down to set the minister on the ground then a thick smog of pink gas came from the case polluting my sinuses I instantly slumped to the ground shivering. I slipped into a tranquil state. Now the next few minutes I’ve been told so this might not be true but well it’s important so listen up!

One man covered my arms and legs in energy cuffs took my blaster and broke my mini computer (that cost me a fortune I hate him). And the man I thought was minister Dracert awoke to talk to the man I thought was Camile.

Dracert’s body began to bubble and shrink into the form of a small Xardian man.

“Okay Ratadan there is your assassin tell Dracert it is okay to come out and where the hell are my escorts.” Squeaked the man

The man I mistook for Camile was actually Ratadan the head of security for the minister Dracert and the Dracert I abducted was really Camile. (If you haven’t already gathered Camile is blessed with the ability to change his shape into any Xardian being). Now then the real Dracert came out to greet his crime lord.

“Good job Ratadan.” He congratulated patting the burly man on the back

“Dracert how nice to see you where are my men?”

Camile was now worried his men were no where in sight and he was surrounded by soldiers not good. 

“There flight was cancelled Camile, they are awaiting sentencing for prison.”

“Are you seriously double crossing me?”

The End

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