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Chapter 2

I was once again staring up at the grandest building ever built. It was awe inspiring still gleaming, as the sun set on Horizon. My jaw dropped as I looked at it. Then I once again crossed the threshold to highest paying job of my  hitman for hire life as short as it was. I walked in line with  to the  all the other press members so many reporters had shown up that no one even asked for I.D. but other then that security was tightened up ten fold drones guards and Snargle beasts lined the hall waiting for something to happen.                 The journalists were herded into a grand conference room lined with chairs. A large podium was up at the very top, with the galactic federation flag behind it. Two giant bronze plated double doors lead the way in for the journalists; I could see that on either side of the flag were two doors, large metal doors. Guards and attack drones flooded into the room and lined in a circle around then room one guard one drone was the pattern (Fantastic big shiny guns for me). I sat right up front desperate to get as close as I could to the minister so the guards would have less time to react.

Then I noticed the guards were wearing a different uniform then before. They must have been a specially trained branch. The attack drones seemed to be a completely different model, to the ones earlier those hovering cylinders with guns. These ones were much more elaborate about four feet high human shaped with two cannons on each fist and two shoulder cannon as well. They were black and silver supposed to look formal and threatening at the same time.                  I sat in my chair studying my surroundings a little intimidated I’ll admit. Then Minister Dracert came in to the applause of many journalists.            “Minister, minister sir Global post. What are your views on the threat of galactic war from plant Faragof?” asked a rather small meek looking frog like alien (so no formal introduction a how do you do how very rude)                                                                                                     “Well,” Piped the tall Xardian Minister “It is my belief that Faragof will not hold true on it’s attacks and will back down before any military action is needed.”                                                                                                     Xardian people were tall and tough looking blue skin blended with a tinge of purple a Mohican of small horns went through the middle of their bald skulls.  “But what if president Yanon does hold true on his promise to dismantle the federation after the unfair treatment of his people?” Asked another journalist  I decided to wait a while and listen (after all I could approach this president Yanon and look for assassination jobs from him).                                        “Look lets just get one thing straight president Yanon’s people received the same treatment as everyone else and I am sorry if he does not share this view. But just for the record if he does decide to invade a third planet then I will declare war and dismantle his petty attempt at a galactic dictatorship piece by piece” (Nicely said but it fell on deaf ears)                                                                                                            “SO we must wait for a third attack before retaliation?” roared an outraged listener from the back (I liked these Journalists cut throat spit fire hard hitting questions)                                                                                           All the guards and drones stood sentry like never moving. except for one guard that kept fidgeting right at the door the president came through. I smiled a kink in the armor which I would be more than happy to exploit.                        “I am trying to talk Yanon out of this war and I wish to avoid blood shed. Diplomacy was always my strength and should come first”                              “What about Granned and Fhaner joining Yanon on his war.”                             I was really enjoying this; the war seemed unavoidable so my assassination jobs would over flow. From businesses wanting to take out competition while the government fell. (Goody Christmas for me!)                                                “This is not a war as of yet it is merely a child trying to get what he wants. And as for Granned and Fhaner they have done their people a great disservice by betraying us.”                                                                                            The conference went on for about an hour the minister was now sweating from answering questions and seemed to be looking for away out I was going to be happy to oblige him. The light beamed from the ceiling and seemed to be highlighting the stress on Dracert’s face.                                                                                                             “Sir what about the syndicate how are you going to respond to them?” I decided to ask wanting to hear what the future of my employers would be      “Ah the syndicate a true threat, as many of you know I have exhausted all methods to bring them down and we believe to be putting a lot of pressure on them.” Replied the minister proudly he expected an applause he didn’t get one.   The guard at the door fiddled with his gun obviously a rookie. That was when I struck. I shot from my seat like a greyhound out of the trap. Over the podium and slammed into the minister in one smooth movement. I wrapped my left arm around the minister’s body and charged through the rookie guard and smashed the nearby drone with my right fist.                                                             Carnage ensued next of course the big panic of am I next filled the room. The journalists panicked. The rookie fell and his laser fired as he hit the ground (never rest your finger on the trigger of a loaded weapon stupid boy). It blew a hole in the ceiling over head. One unfortunate soul fell through the floor while holding a steaming hot drink. The guards couldn’t move most were stopped by the journalist others by the debris falling from the roof. I powered down the hall dashing. The minister who was desperately trying to hit me quite annoying really. The attack drones sent journalist flying their primary programming was to protect the minister not civilians. Lasers fired at the debris then the attack drones ran through searching for the abductor. The small offices flew by people screaming and running, one little laser had risen a lot of commotion and cover. The guards finally managed to get out of the conference room and set off after the drones. But I had already made it to a window and jumped out. I turned on my electriton gloves hoping to slide down the side. Which didn’t exactly work who knew?                                                                              “Ha that’s your escape plan, this building is not magnetic all concrete, wood and plastic on the outside pal there is only metal in the center some on didn’t do their study.” Laughed the minister Dracert I didn’t like him any more                                                                                                          “Oh yeah well then enjoy, you just got front row seat to the greatest show in the galaxy.” I Laughed (I hope a certain circus doesn’t sue me for gimmick infringement)                                                                                               I pulled my right hand back and slammed my fist through the concrete we were now sliding down instead of falling much safer.                                            “What the…” Dracert didn’t get to finish his sentence the Xardian was now flying upwards I had casually thrown him straight up                                       I poked at my micro computer a holographic interface appeared in front of me.  “Altitude counter engaged.” Responded the computer  “Counting every ten feet.” it continued                                                                                 I shoved my foot into the concrete and came to a dead stop the minister hurdling down and landed right on my left arm.                                           “Did you enjoy your flight?” I chuckled man I was on a roll with these jokes                                                                                                     “Very funny but the drones on their way now you’re screwed.” Spat Dracert                                                                                                   “Good I get to blow up a few more.” I switched the minister to my right arm and drew my blaster                                                                                  “No way your a good enough shot to hit them all.”                                        “Wanna bet?”                                                                                               I released the wall and free fell blaster at the ready. I could hear the faint whirr of the Drones on their way and roars from guards who were trying to engage in the chase in an orderly file.                                                     “Seventy feet.” Buzzed the computer                                                         The drones were finally only spitting distance from me but they couldn’t fire it was too risky and they were programmed not to take such risks.                      I let off a string of shots hitting four Drones a trail of sparks and parts flew over head. They bits of toasted drones fell lightly like a seasonal snow.       “You were saying I wasn’t a good enough shot?”                                              “I stand corrected.” Gulped the minister                                                      “Sixty feet.”                                                                                       “Fancy toy.” The minister joked                                                              “Joking at a time like this. You’re almost as insane as me.” I replied with might I ad a Muhahaha prefect timing                                                                 “Well I don’t think you can escape”                                                              “And why is that.”                                                                                       “Because you have your back to another barrage of guards coming from underneath us my fair man.”                                                                          “Ha more fun for me.”                                                                                   I turned to face the oncoming rush of guards and swung the minister over my back human shield.                                                                                       “If you want to live you’ll hold on tight.” I Instructed The minister held onto his captor with out question a dead lock grip.                                              “Fifty feet.”                                                                                            The guards were now on me but I didn’t sweat. I just opened fire hitting a few they were all to scared to fire incase they would hit the minister (hah time for a Bruce Lee moment Hiya). Instead they tried to attack me hand to hand. But I was and am far stronger then them and was swatting them away left and right. “Forty feet.”                                                                                           The drones joined the barrage of men and lashed out with punches and kicks as well but I was fending them all off nicely a few shots hit me but nothing major. One drone got within grabbing range I caught it by the arm and swung it like a mace. The minister held on tighter not daring to release to frighten to even think of it. “Thirty feet ninety percent chance of death on impact.”            The minister screamed in fear but I just kept fending off my attackers and once again began to fire my blaster more dispersing them then hitting. Two Guards pulled in close going for close punches but I used my head. Literally I swung my head in an arc hitting them both with head butts denting there helmets and sending them crashing (I don’t do head butts any more that gave me the worst migraine ever).                                                                    “Twenty feet. Impact inevitable.”                                                           Once again the minister winced and clung even tighter to his abductor terrified now. So much for his tough guy persona must be for media only.                        I now drew an extending staff from my suit and began to attack more attackers laughing as I fell to the hard ground below. A poke here a smack there oh and a sort of round house style strike sending one poor guard crashing to the ground.                                                                                             Ten Feet. Probable death on impact.”                                                        I smiled and dug the staff into the wall slowing my fall, to almost a complete stop then gently dropped to the ground. I turned off the altitude counter and began to run. The Minister still clung desperately to my neck held in place by raw fear.                                                                                                   The fifteen moons of Zygon shone brightly in the night sky above the guards were now mobilized and ordered to kill the assassin (AKA me) at first chance. I charged through the city streets laughing at my chasers they were pathetic afraid to kill their precious leader.                                                              “So enjoying your trip thus far?” I asked still roaring with laughter how simple and entertaining

The End

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