Chapter 1

The sun beamed over the sky line of Horizon city my mission was a pretty complicated one as far as missions go. Get into Federation tower and take the minister Dracert then bring him to the drop off point over on planet earth.                                                                        I had it all planned out in my head I had been carefully working on it for a month now. Every possible detail smoothed and ironed until I was sure there was no counter (or um wrinkle).                                             I was dressed as any other man for hire, special designed contact cuffs made from an alloy designed to almost any incoming blow called Pillar bands. Long whistling cloaks loose fitting trousers brown leather combat climbing boots with steel covers over the toes. And electriton gloves, plus of course the any size fits all shirts and vests called tundra vests. The electriton gloves have special magnets to allow you to scale any metallic surface like wise as the boots. The vests were made from a special fabric designed to be comfortable and protective. Made from a spider silk thread bound with a thin titanium thread.                                                                                                    Getting into Federation tower was simple enough, walk through the front door then dash through shadows and duck by corridors. The hard part was seizing the Minister and taking him out of the tower then getting through the guards back to his ship and over to earth.       I was nearing the tower nerves beginning to rise sweat starting to form. Beads of sweat dripped around my brow as I nervously wiped them away. After around one hundred different jobs and I was still as nervous as a child starting school. I was in awe by the tower and its height it seemed to stretch endlessly into the horizon of Horizon city. Defying all laws of architecture gleaming in the sun the greatest minds in the galaxy had put it together. I pulled my gloves tight and made sure the metal clips on the back were secure. I desperately hoped I wouldn’t actually have to climb up anything but it didn’t seem out the question. I was being paid an outrageous amount of money for the safe drop off of the minister. A criminal organization called Syndicate criminal organization as paying me apparently the minister had rubbed them the wrong way. Although from, my experiences this was pretty damn near impossible.                                                                                I pushed trough the front door no officers or civilians inside noticed me entering and kept going on with their business (I hate civilians they always ruin a job or make you feel bad when they beg for mercy).        I approached a guard by the force doors opening to the office.            “Hey there solider I have a meeting with minister Farnen, mind opening up for me?” I asked rather smartly get the man talking try the diplomatic approach first                                                        “Clearance?” replied the guard                                                            The guard was wearing a pretty customary suit uniform no doubt all titanium woven spider silk. But no helmet or any sign of head protection. Good bye diplomacy hello brute force and cunning technology. Muhahaha (My evil laugh was in my head of course it would be completely inappropriate to start it right there and then.)                I clicked a button on my right wrist then touched the guard face, an electrical current passed from my glove to the guard’s unprotected skull knocking the guard unconscious. I propped him against the wall and took a pair of sun glasses from my pocket and put them on him (nice touch).  I swiped his key card before any one could see and passed it through the security swipe thing. Click! The force field fizzled then dropped allowing me to simply pass through. I was just going to scope out as much of the security as I could before returning when I knew Minister Dracert would be there waiting to be kidnapped.                                                                                                  I ran through the hall making note of security drones, guards and Snargle-beasts (A rather viscous four legged creature sort of resembles a dog only a lot bigger and more menacing. Constant flow of foam covers its mouth.) And of course the amount of cameras and security doors my micro computer which was built into my right arm contact cuff counted everything took a video and kept trace of guard movement. All would be invaluable to the operation providing of course I could manage an amazing escaped to review it all. I powered up another flight of stairs the entire building was cylindrical. A round hallway on the outside followed by a series of different rooms and offices in the center.                                                                                 I had been scoping out the tower for about twenty minutes I was only two floors away from the center according to my computer I guessed the guard below would stir soon and raise the alarm but I chose to risk it. Then without warning the klaxon rung the guard had awoken (damn never ever risk it).                                                                         I ran towards one of the windows I guessed I was over a mile in the air. Not good, a guard wearing propulsion boots (convenient) came soaring at me weapon raised and bang. The guard had fired but I jumped against the wall at the other side of the hall and drew my blaster pistol a green laser flew from the barrel. It tore right through the guard’s chest armor and hit the guards flesh killing him.     Quickly I tore the guard’s boots off and put them on myself. Lucky brake same size as my own feet then I jumped out the window across the hall. Just as roughly twenty guards ran into the hall weapons ready to shoot. I was falling at desperate pace wind whistling in my ears blowing my tied up brown hair around my face.                                       I began to poke furiously at the boots I had acquired while holding onto my own pair not willing to lose them. They after all had served me well they certainly never allowed me to free fall from federation tower unlike these hopeless propulsion boots.                                       The guards were now pouring out of the building like a hive of angry hornets leading the charge was flying attack drones. Attack drones sort of resemble trash cans cylindrical torso and two rapid firing laser cannons hovering above the ground with plasma jets. I swore as I began to plummet even faster then another stroke of luck for me the last of the wolf gene carriers. The boots kicked into life when I was only about fifty feet from the ground.                                             I had a head start thanks to my amazing and unintentional free fall and of course another advantage in a situation like this stupidity and courage. Never underestimate those two qualities combined when you’re jumping out of a building followed by an attack force.                   I shot forward desperate to lose my trailers I flew over the head of the locals below knowing the guards couldn’t risk missing. Screams and jeers followed as the drones began to close the gap. Lasers flashed past me just missing by mere millimeters drones don’t care about civilians. I pulled up sharply released the boots I was holding and let them fly forward (Bye for now boots) then opened fire with my trusty never failing blaster. Drones fell left and right exploding circuits flew everywhere like the first rain of spring. Then the guards fired (damn bloody risk takers) one caught the left of my stolen boots the plasma duct exploded and I was sent crashing towards the right. I slammed into a building exploded through a window then jerked back left suddenly.                                                                                                  But I managed to turned off the remaining propulsion boot and fell into the civilians below I grabbed hold of my combat boots as I ran (Hello again boots).                                                                                 The guards wouldn’t dare shoot so close to civilians even the drones have limits to danger factors. Ha ha risk takers suck on that one. They would try to catch me on foot but I could and can sprint a hell of a lot faster then any of them. The crowd seemed to fly out of my way humans and aliens alike as I pushed through like a bulldozer with a bad temper. The guards couldn’t keep up and within minutes had retired but left drones to scan every area of the city for me.                            I was now by a dumpster down a back ally waiting a black limo cruised past Dracert’s limo according to my Intel. I had reviewed all the footage and had a cover decided I just had to wait for the perfect person to match everything I needed. Plenty of citizens passed none fitting the bill exactly. Damn it this was starting to waste time I needed some one soon. Then a youth passed by Velert youth similar build to me bout six two, two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle and wearing just what I wanted a suit. I struck swiftly catching the youth by the scruff of his neck and pulled him into the shadows in one swift precise blow the youth was out cold (now the next part is not what you think). I threw my dirty scraggy clothes over the boy except my arm guards, gloves and tundra vest.                                                  I threw the suit over my vest pulled the jacket down over the metal arm bands. Pulled gloves tight and snatched a smart hat off a by passer and a briefcase. Dracert was holding a press conference and that was where Dracert would be abducted by me.                                 Quick in and out then down to my cruiser which was left only a short walk from the tower and off to earth simple right? Wrong! I was rather pleased with myself as I walked through the city streets quite calm the smell of success had filled my cocky little nostrils. Who would have known kidnapping the leader of the galaxy was going to be this simple defiantly not me.                                                                              I would have done it years ago if I knew how easy it was. The hustle and bustle of the pedestrians around me didn’t break my focus people were the ultimate cover but at the same time the most feared distraction. In and Out. 

The End

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