Horizon Barren MoonMature

One mans quest in search of redemption that will take him across the galaxy, He will Encouter terrrors only hell could of created. but through out it all loyal friedns stick by his side. Evry one must endure hell to get to heaven.



Since the start of man kind a select few people have carried the wolf gene. It is a physical enhancement gene who ever has it is stronger faster more agile and has superior senses then any non-carrier. But the people who had the gene were hated and so they were hunted and scattered to the ends of the earth. In early 1900’s due to the world wars they were appreciated so the hunting of wolf gene carriers ceased.                                                                                       Then in the year Two thousand one hundred and fifty Earth finally joined the galactic federation, an alliance of the planets with intelligent beings to keep order and peace in the galaxy.                                                                 After recovering from brutal frequent attacks the carriers of the wolf gene were beginning to return to their previous numbers. But the world leaders saw them as a threat to their chances of getting into the Galactic Federation and once again issued a bounty on the heads of it’s most powerful residents.         For years the wolves have been eradicated from the earth’s soil but never truly removed. Somehow they always managed to hold one by the skin of their teeth passing the wolf gene onto the next generation.                                             But now in the year Three Thousand the wolves have dwindled down to only one man.                                                                                                             A rather successful assassin in a galaxy full of turmoil where crime pays and lies thrive. Over the years he has evaded everything from bounties to police and military. But with a war of the worlds on the horizon and the Galactic federation desperate to regain order, all trouble makers are being tracked and “exported” to a planet called Unfregent. A prison planet one way on, no way off survive and thrive or try and die.                                                               We pick up our story on the capital Planet in the Galactic federation Zygon in its biggest and most famed city known simply as Horizon. This is the story of Hunter Langgen

The End

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