A New Obstacle

Eldreth stopped in an alley many blocks away from where she had just been saved. She blurred back into reality and leaned back heavily against a dumpster. She was absolutely furious. Her thought's raced.

"Who the hell was that moron?"

She cursed loudly shoving her resting place into a nearby wall so hard that the metal buckled.

"I've been trailing Janus for months. Night after night following his cess ridden behind around this city and I finaly had him! Now he not only know's he's being watched but exactly who's doing it!"

She clenched her fists breathing hard. This was not good. Janus was one of the power players in the city for all of the wrong reasons. He was one of the Brotherhood of the Shadow, a group of vampires who had earned their unlife by pleasing deamons and all kinds of other fouls entities. She was about to kill him.

The worst part was that she not only had to contend with him and his kind. Now every other scumbag who wanted immortality would be using her as a perfect way of attaining that goal.

They where a group of human occultists known as the Unseen, humans who all aspired to be members of the Brotherhood. That stupid human had done more than wreck a perfectly good ambush, he'd just managed to land himself in a whole world of danger in the process. The unseen didn't do loose ends and when Janus got back with the news he was as good as dead.

This left her with a very difficult decision to make. She rarely spoke to her food let alone interacted with it. Still, even though she was seething right now she couldn't help but feel a pang of pity for the human. His stupidity may had just gotten them both killed. She could go and find him but this meant forgetting about her prey and that in itself was a very dangerous prospect. 

One thing she knew as she looked up at the moon was that another of her kind would die tonight. An innocent who was nothing more than a way for some evil nightmare to releave their bloodlust.

She cursed again and pulled a cell phone from her jacket pocket. She hadn't wanted to get her involved in this particular mission but if there was anyone who would know what to do it would be her twin sister.

The phone at the other end of the line was ringing, Eldreth breathed deeply. This was good. This meant that Bree was out hunting somewhere. Maybe something would go her way tonight after all.

The End

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