A hidden past and a hopeless present

As she entered through the porch and into the hallway, she froze. All of her senses heightened. She could smell him.

She looked into the living room and saw him sat on the couch cradled in her mother’s arms like an upset child. He was crying. Her immediate reaction was to run and get as far away as possible but she didn’t. She remained where she was, staring into the room at the inapt scene before her with disbelief.

Then her mother lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at her daughter. There was pure hatred in her eyes and her lips moved up and out as though she had eaten something repulsive.

‘Look what you’ve done.’ She spat the words at her. ‘Look what you’ve done to our family.’

The words hit her like a knife in the heart. It was in that moment she realised this woman who was supposed to protect her was more concerned with protecting him. She turned and headed up the stairs leaving any of hope of her mother’s support behind her.

The End

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