Hopefully the best story everMature

This is going to be a long story, The main characters are best friends at this point, maybe I take their relationship farther? Basically this is just a random scene I had floating around in my head.

His skin was rough, yet seemed ti call out to me. Years of calluses and scarring cover his body. Just an extra defense to hide all the pain he holds inside. I place my head in his chest and wrap my arms around his waist, making it as easy as possible to hide his tears from the world. He knows what I am trying to do so he kisses the top of my head as a silent thank you before fitting his head on my shoulder and letting his silent emotions unfold. 

No, before you make this into a romance, we are not dating. What we have is something much stonger then that. We have a connection stronger then my words can ever describe. We are not family either. Neither of us can connect with our family, they are so fragile, the slightest notion that something is wrong would throw them into a shriveling ball of mush in the floor. We are as close as two people can be, our hearts beat as one together and apart, we see a need in the other and fill it, or do everything in our power to make it better. We had been friends for about a year when I realized how deep our connection was. I don't know when he realized it. 

Jeremy had just been informed that his sister was hospitalized...again for a terrible "fall." This was the 3rd time in the past month. Her boyfriend Rich was always the one to be there when it happens and right in her ear while the doctors were asking her questions. That is, when she was conscious enough to respond. The last time this happened, the doctors informed Jeremy that another incident of this nature may very well be the end of his gorgeoous 18 year old sister. 

Jeremy pulled away from me and wipes a tear away before saying ,"If anything happens, I love you like a sister, and don't you ever forget it."

I have a million things to ask, to try and stop whatever he plans on trying to accomplish,  but all I can find the sense to muster before he is in the hospital room is, "What?"

I get to the window of the room just in time to see both Rich and Jeremy kiss Kasey on her very still cheek, snd move swiftly out of the room. Now words come from either men as they make their way to the parking lot, and I have enough sense to follow silently as not to provoke either of them before we are clear of the innocent patients and doctors. 

I am last out of the hospital and make it out in time to hear Jeremy screaming at the top of his lung, "Why the F**K do you do this to my sister? Are you not man enough to pick on someone your own f**king size?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about Jeremy. I love your sister, even though she does have a habit of being...clumsy." An evil smirk flashed across his face just long enough for Jeremy to snap. 

Unprepared, with no time to react, Rich was pinned down under Jeremy's knees before I had time to get over to them. Punch after punch, Jeremy wailed on Rich, 2...3...4..5 countless times, until Rich finally stopped resisting. 

Although Rich could barely see out of his swollen eyes and was beginning to find himself in the same states as Kasey, Jeremy and I only need one glance at each other to establish a few key facts. 1) Rich was not finished tearing his family apart, 2) The sirens, growing louder are for Jeremy, and 3) We needed to run...NOW.

The End

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