There's a Perfectly Good Explanation...

We've got quite a bit of explaining to do to the Big Guy not only concerning our little predicament, but also vis-a-vis the crew's lax view of regulations on interaction with natives.  He's a stickler about that one.  Luckily, he's been on the toilet for about a year and a half now, so we've had a chance to quickly get our story straight.  Asmodeus is the only one of us missing at the moment, and I'm slightly concerned about that.  He's taken quite a shine to a hairy little group of people living a ways west of here. 

There's about twelve tribes of them, and they've been quite useful as servants.  Asmodeus was even teaching them to speak, hoping to to train some of them as bartenders and domestic help, but they were slow to catch on.  I must admit they sound quite comical trying to say his name.  He would repeat it to them for hours "Asmodeus! As-mo-de-us!"  The best they could do was "Mo-ze-us, Mo-se-us!"  He was so proud, but the rest of us have taken to mocking him, and now call him Moses all the time.  Verin says that he's put on a ridiculous fake beard as a disguise and ran off to hide amongst his "people" to escape punishment from the Big Guy. 

Az is the one really sweating bullets right now.  It was his idea to dismantle the ship and hide it under a few rock piles over in that place we call Giza to mask it from any passing patrols.  I must admit though, none of us really put up much of a fight.  There are some fine looking females over in that direction... darker skinned, less hairy... very nice.  We made kind of a game out of it, and had them build the rock piles into big pyramids.  Az still spends quite a bit of time over there.  Az never could handle his wine though, and I've seen several children running around that bear a striking resemblance to our man.  That's going to get him in some hot water.

The End

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