Shair drummed his fingers on the counter. He constantly glanced up at a
huge screen that had Sila’s game, her heart rate, images of the areas of the
brain that were colored differently, and a current playing diagram of what’s
playing on the headphones.

A door opened and slammed shut quickly. A man with slicked back hair and
dark glasses covering his eyes sat down in a chair next to Shair. His lab coat
fell sloppily past the chair as it slipped halfway down his arms and he pulled
it up.

“I’m glad you finally joined us, Bloch.” Shair muttered.

“Sorry, traffic held me up.” He spat out in disgust.

“But your contestant happened to arrive. At least, we started before you
came. So, where is your little robot?”

Bloch snickered. “Robot? Oh, you thought I went and cheated again? No, I
decided to take the advice of my fellow scientists and enter a human.”

Shair looked at him in disbelief. “Really? Didn’t get in trouble with the
board at all?” Bloch shook his head with a smile on his face. “Okay then, where
is your student?”

Bloch smiled and pointed up at a screen above him. He hadn’t logged in,
so it only showed the student. A young boy, the age of Sila, was staring
intently at the screen, hands flashing across the screen, determination in his
eyes. He paused every so often and thought, then moved and flashed again.

“His name is Archie.” Bloch answered, smiling smugly. “He’s got the brain
of a supercomputer and can do calculations in seconds!”

“Really?” Shair asked, slightly impressed. “Well, may the best human win.” He thrust out his hand and
Bloch took it, a toothy grin plastered on his face.

The End

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