Sila smiled as she walked through the tall double doors into the huge
gymnasium. She gasped again. She’d been with Shair a whole day and night,
taking tour after tour of observatories and laboratories, and has seen many
advanced technology she didn’t even know existed. Holograms, computers thin as
paper, rooms as big as her house and more, even glasses that showed several
computer screens, cameras, and even a small television screen. But she was
surprised at what awaited her in the gym.

Hundreds of people were roaming around and a tall platform with a huge
room was hoisted high above her head. One-way glass was put into the window so
she couldn’t see anything in the room. Several of the hologram squares were set
out on several tables, two each.

“This is where the tournament is held?” She asked Shair, sticking close

“Yes, Sila. There are a total of twenty contestants. You won’t have to play
all, because they play each other, then someone else, et cetera.”

“Yes, Shair, I know.” She rolled her eyes.

He chuckled. “Yes, well, why don’t you take your seat? It’s there, in the
back corner.” Sila nodded and hurried to her seat.

Soon after sitting down, she was greeted by an obese boy with flaming red
hair and a neon yellow head band keeping his hair away from his eyes. He wore a
tight suit that was the color of fire.

“Been to a barbecue lately?” Sila asked, giggling at how ridiculous he

“Laugh all you want.” He said, nose in the air. “This helps me with my
game, and I’ve been practicing for months now. I heard you just finished your
six games yesterday. You’re obviously going to lose.” He laughed loudly,
attracting the attention of a couple people. He sat down without embarrassment.

After ten minutes of waiting, a loud voice announced over an intercom
that it was time to start. A pair of headphones rose from the table and Sila
put them on. The hologram plate flickered and a holographic screen appeared in
a baby blue color, showing the game she’d been playing the week before.

Sila became slightly embarrassed because she didn’t know what she was
supposed to do. She looked around and saw all of them were using the hologram
as a touch screen. She followed their example and put her finger up to one of
the cards and dragged it across. To her surprise, it worked. She continued the
game, concentrating as upbeat music spewed through the headphones.

The End

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