Hope House

Short "scary" story I'm working on for my AS English Language class!

Hope House, one of the most unfortunate places on earth...

Hope House had been rather hopeless over the last century in keeping tenants for more than a month. The newest arrivals weren’t aware of the dark history the house held – a tale of murder, mystery and maliciousness.

This new family, untold by the neighbours of the danger in doing so, left their two children unattended and alone in the house whilst they went to the local pub to meet some of the villagers.

As the front door shut, and the locks creaked shut, the oldest of the pair jumped out of bed. He claimed he wanted to explore the basement – the one place in the house they were forbidden to go.

His younger sister started to unlock the door that led to the basement. The locks opened silently, but the children did not notice that they appeared to be freshly oiled.

As they stood looking into the pitch darkness, the lights in the kitchen flickered off, and then back on again. This happened several times, as if somebody was stood at the switch. But that was impossible; they believed they were alone in the house, and the place had been deserted for thirteen years before this family had moved in. The wind whistled outside and the full moon’s light shone through the cracked window. The girl glanced behind them momentarily, before fully turning and letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

The shadow of a human hand was pressed against the window. Fear filled both children instantly, but subsided as the boy spun on his heels and threw the torch light at the window revealing it was the old, gnarled oak tree, shedding the last of its leaves against the battered kitchen window.

Neither child noticed the shadowy mass sneak out of the open basement door whilst their backs where turned. It sludged behind their heels and out of the kitchen door.

Hope House’s tormented history was repeating itself – when a story lacking in innocence is set to repeat, the living won’t be the only to be affected.

The End

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