"[Things] will get better. Maybe not right away but we'll make it." pg. 153

In chapters 11-15 of "Life as we Knew it", things aren't getting any better. Not only are people starving, but now almost every kid is being homeschooled. However, even though society in "Life as we Knew it" is pretty much going down hill, I've discovered a theme while reading this novel. Even if we lose everything, we can never lose hope, we can only throw it away. Hope brings people together, and the horrible times are the best times to be together. Hope is something that can never be taken from you, only by losing hope will we truly despair.

In the novel, the moon is causing everyone to crazy. It's causing cashiers to carry guns, its reducing people to steal pens and pencils,  and worst of all it's causing people to lose hope. However, the moon moving closer to the Earth has caused some good things as well. It's bringing people together. Miranda even says on pg 153 that family is more important than electricity. I agree 100% with this statement, family is more important than anything. Even though things are looking bad for Miranda and her family, I think that if they stick together and have hope then they'll be ok.



The End

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