Same boy who sat alone always. Same boy who was quiet yet kind. Same boy who was ordinary yet bizarre. Same boy who tried to kill.

He was standing up high. The highest high you could ever be at school. And he actually smiled down at all of them. The students. Watching him as he approached the edge of the building’s roof.

How he got up there? No one knew. But they were sure that if he jumped, he’d be lost forever.

Why was he about to jump? No one knew. But they were sure it had something to do with them. The students. Staring up at him. Half of them the bullies, and sidekicks; another part the “others”, who looked up at this brave and troubled soul with…envy.

Who had pushed him this far? No one knew. But they were sure that you had to have some seriously deep thoughts to attempt something so drastic.

Did he jump? They all knew. For just as his feet were inches from the last step, just as he was about to end his life, a hand reached out and grabbed ahold of him.

That hand was hope.

The End

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