Bathroom Stalls...

I groaned as I pulled on my jeans.

"I hate gym." I mumbled under my breath as I started to zip up my black combat boots. Standing up, I closed my gym locker, and put the lock on it. 
I sighed, and picked up my bag and started to leave.  The main hallway was just like the others, only there was a large trophy case, filling the whole wall with new shiny trophies, that gleamed with the afternoon sun. I walked past it and stopped. There was one in particular I was interested in. It was a fairly old trophy, with the words ‘state final champs 97-98’.  It was my mothers’ soccer trophy that she won for the school. There was a picture of her sitting on top of her team’s shoulders, happier than i’ve ever seen her, smiling from ear to ear. I loved to see her this way. It also made me realize how much I miss her.

I started down the hall again, when I realized that I had to go to the bathroom. I half ran, half walked to the nearest bathroom and went in. I always use the stall nearest the door, but today that one was... Occupied...Eww...

I made a face and used the next stall instead.

Just as I was flushing and zipping up my pants, I heard someone come in.


I could smell her before I even heard her, because she practically bathed in her stupid perfume. Le Lilacs, I think it's called...I don't know, but it did smell like rotten dandelions. I would gladly say it to her face, but she's Elliot's girlfriend.  

I know right.

Because of all the voice's, I figured her little posse was with always. I quickly stood onto the toilet so that they wouldn't suspect my person being here. Myra may have been stupid, but she wasn’t stupid enough to let anyone eavesdrop in her conversations. At least, sometimes she was.

"Ugh! Have you seen her hair? It's so black, and like, dark!" It was the voice of Madeline Cashire. She wasn't the smartest hammer in the toolbox, as you can tell. Maddie had short brown hair, and murky brown eyes. She was tall, but not awkwardly tall. She reminded me of a little girl who had just played in the mud.

"Yeah! I know right! I hate it! She's just so different!" That was Julie Matthews. As you can tell, she's the one who agrees with everything people say. That idiot.

She had bright red hair, and brown eyes. And she was on the Feild hockey team and she wasn’t that bad either. But still. I didn't like her.

"Well, I kinda like it." Now this is something that I didn't expect to hear. It was Myra's  annoying voice. Ugh! Why can she just stop breathing? God, I just wanted to slap her!

"Yeah! Me too!" Yelled Julie.

"Well, has anybody ever noticed how she's never had a birthday party? Or even invited anyone to her house?" Maddie added randomly.

"Yeah...Hey....You know what? Madeline...For once, your right." Myra breathed, an evil plan probably forming in her small little dumb blonde brain.

(No offence to the blondes reading this.)

"I'm gonna throw a party!" She exclaimed suddenly.

"What?" Madeline asked. Even I didn't get it. Madeline was on a role here with all these smart questions. It was almost unbelievable. Maybe even her record.

"I'm gonna throw a party, then  I’m gonna 'accidentally' cancel it and then ask her to have it at her place. It's brilliant! It'll totally embarrass her when everyone shows up at the dump she calls a home!" The blonde laughed. She actually laughed.

"How do you know she lives in a du-?"

"Madeline, don't be stupid!" Myra the Tyrant snapped at the poor, stupid girl.  "Of course she live's in a dump! Why else would she never invite people over? Huh, Madeline?" Myra pressed.

I guess Madeline had shrugged because there was silence. Smart choice. Kudos to you Maddie.

"Because she's ashamed! That's why!"


I was shocked. Is that what I've lead people to believe? That I'm poor? That I'm ashamed of where I lived? And to think...I thought that I was saving them from a life of shame and humiliation! By them, I meant Myra and her posse, the supposed "Richest girls in town." With their-snooty-out-of-style-clothes-and-phones-that-no-one-knows-about-so-they-can't-tell-them-that-besides-me-since-I'm-richer-than-them-and-have-clothes-and-accessories-that-will-make-them-drop-their-fake-stuff-on-the-spot!

I've suffered and been humiliated by the very girls I was trying to protect? Because they had a reputation to keep?  

This wasn't  gonna end well for Myra...

The End

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