My bubble get's interrupted.

Chapter 1:

11 years later....
                    The rain was hard and cold, pounding and drenching everybody and everything in it's path, when I slammed the car door.  I has slammed it so hard that my hat flew off, and landed just a few feet away from my silver Mercedes Benz.

I  stooped down low and ran to the hat, quickly picking it up and stuffing my hair into it so that no one can see my black hair. Looking around, I noticed that no one was around and let out a sigh of relief.  Then, I re-adjusted my sweater around me, enveloping me in a  blanket of warmth and walked through the school doors.

Yette’s High School is the only  high school in a 10 mile radius of this town. It big, despite the size of this place...It’s got four floors and a balcony that overlooks the main floor. 17 Bathrooms and 47 classrooms 38 windows and 73 doors (including the janitors closets...). The hallways were large, and clean, not a single scrap of dust anywhere.

I run to class quickly just as the late bell rings and sit in my usual spot in the back, in the middle of my best friends; Catherine Tarkenton  and Elliott Panatelli.


They both whisper to me as I take out my green English notebook and my pencil. I nod to both of them silently, not wanting to get on Mr. Martella's bad side.

         Mr.Martella is a short, old, lumpy Italian teacher with a fake mustache that makes his glare even more annoying when he looks at you. Plus, he always smells like a rotten pickle.
I closely watch Mr. M as he walks down each aisle, passing out the 'pop quiz'  that we had to study for last night. Thank goodness I studied. But judging by the look on Cat's face, I'm betting that she didn't.  

I chuckle and that get's Mr. Martella unwanted attention. 

I silently curse myself and can only watch as he walks over to me, hands me my test, takes my hat, and walks back to his desk.

Just. Like. That.

There are some gasps around the room as everyone studies my long, curly black hair and I clench my teeth, while counting to ten.

     "Did you dye your hair again?" Cat asks me, incredulous. I shake my head which causes black ringlets to bounce everywhere. 
  "That's your natural hair color?" The blonde narrows her green eyes at me.

Let me explain, in this little town of Yette, everyone in this school is either a Blonde, a Brunette, or a Red-head. I used to dye my hair everything else but my natural hair color; Black. Until last night, where the store I buy my  hair dye's from, went into foreclosure.  I was the only person that was just barely keeping the store on it's toes.

I nod, mentally telling her to shut up and get back to her test, but as  usual, I'm unsuccessful. "Mrs. Tarkenton, add a minus 2 on the top of your paper please. Thank you." Mr.M tells her with his deep voice.

Cat scowls and adds the -2.

                                                                          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
 I walked down the halls all day, ignoring the stares that people are giving me, and tried to get on with life. But, it was hard; even Cat was giving me looks! What was I supposed to do now? Cry? Laugh? Both? I didn't know.

At the end of the day, as I made my way down the school steps, I accidentally ran into someone and dropped my books. luckily, nothing had fallen out.

"I'm so sorry!" I told the newcomer, not looking up. I didn't want to see the look on the persons face when they saw my hair.

"It's okay."

          It's a male's voice,  so sweet and melodious like honey, that I just can't help but look up. 
I'm face to face with a guy about my age, with long, curly dark brown hair  that just reach to the tips of his dark eyelashes, which lay on top of honey colored brown eyes.  The twinkle in his eye and his mischievous smile immediately tells you that he's...dangerous and strange. In a good way.

I pick up my stuff and give him a small smile. "Sorry, today is just not my day."

He chuckles softly, so soft you can barely hear it.  

"That's the understatement of the Year."

"Pardon?" I ask, confused and a bit irritated at his slight rudeness. He grins an impish grin that shows his crooked tooth. The one in a row of straight pearly whites.

"I've seen the looks you're getting today. Like you're contagious or something." His grin fades a bit.

"You're not contagious, are you?" He asks. I can't help but roll my eyes and smile at his wariness.

"No," I shake my head. "If being cursed with a head of black hair like me is contagious, then no. I'm not. "

"Good. Now I won't have to call the police to ask if they could put you in 'Quarantine'." I can't help myself, I laugh. And soon after I realize that it's the first genuine laugh I've laughed in years. And it felt good to actually laugh and not get sore cheeks because of hours of fake smiles and cheer.

"My name's Leonardo DeLuisa, Leo for short." He held out a slender, yet firm hand. I shook it and continued on smiling. I don't know what, but there was something about him that I really liked. Something, different.

"Gwendolynn Nate. Nice to meet you!"

"Hi Gwen. Can I call you that?"

I nodded.

"Well Gwen buddy, I have to go. Can't leave an aunt waiting or no dinner tonight! See you later!" and he was off.

Even when he was gone I could still feel his presence, lingering in my bubble. I shook my head and laughed. Man, who knew that some random guy could light up my day like that? I got in my Silver Mercedes and drove away, actually wanting the day to end, so i could go to school again and see Leo again.

So I could feel his presence in my tight bubble, once more.


The End

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