Gwendolynn Renee Nate lost everybody she ever cared about. her dear biological mother, her adopted mother and even her drunken father. now, in a small town in England called Yettes, she lives with her grand mother who she knows hates her. For years, she lives in peace and a bit of emptiness, but it all changes one stormy night during a camping trip... her Best Friend, Elliott, a charming, yet infuriating boy, and Leo, a strange,but thoughtful guy, who teach her the new way of life of pirate hunt

            The rain pounded cold and hard on the little girls dirty, small shoulders; soaking her with water, making it harder to walk along the sidewalk. She stopped, turned and looked around the quiet and neat neighborhood. The clean streets were bare and unusually well kept, but no one was around, so she went back to walking home.  

            The trees were swaying in protest against the cold, harsh winds, but the girl dismissed it quickly and hurried home. If she had just looked up in that moment, she would have seen a boy, about her age watching her closely.

                The young boy blended in with the almost bare tree tops. He had dark curly hair that swayed in the wind with the same pattern as the leaves of the trees, and light brown eyes that watched the little girl, meticulously. He watched her as she walked up the driveway to easily the biggest house on the block,  plunged the key into the lock and walked inside.  

             When he was sure no one could see him, he leaped from tree, to tree, until he had a better view of the girls house. He waited and then leaped silently to the ground and looked in through the window.

          The house was so majestic, with high ceilings and beautiful velvet furniture, that it was hard to imagine the dirty little girl had lived there. The boy was in a deep trance, blissfully admiring the house, when he heard yelling and screaming, indicating that something was wrong.   
          He leaped to the big Oak, nearest the house, climbed unto the third floor window and went into the house. He looked around him and immediately knew that the little girl was in some kind of trouble. He was sure that this was her room, for it was bare and cold and the closet was near to empty with only 2 shirts and a pair of jeans and some old dirty sneakers.  

            There was mold and decaying paint everywhere he looked  and he was disgusted.  'Who would do such a thing to a little girl?' He thought bitterly.   

            Shaking his head, he quietly walked through the decaying doorway. There was a long hallway and in one end of it, there was small table with a basket and a  home phone sitting on top.

            He could still hear people moving in the other room, yet it had started to get eerily quiet. He grabbed the phone and quickly dialed 911. When the lady answered, he didn't say anything, but instead he laid the phone near the door so that the police could hear everything that was going on in the closed room.

                    With that done, he  went back to the little girls room and back out the window.  As he climbed the tree, he couldn't help but look through the window into the other room.  The drapes were closed, but slightly opened as if someone had closed the quickly, but messily. He peered in and gasped. The room was disheveled and  all the furniture was tuned over, like someone had had a fit. One particular piece of furniture, a Beauvoir it was called, was resting on top of, someone and there was a puddle of what he had hoped was cranberry juice, circling the body. The little girl was in the corner, unconscious, but alive. He sighed a sigh of relief and noticed that someone was in the middle of the room, shaking and writing something down on a  bloody piece of paper. Then, taking out a gun, he pointed it to his head and- 

                The boy turned away just as the gunshot fired. Then the whole house was in complete silence except for the little girls staggered breathing.  

The boy leaped away, just as the police and the ambulance came, with tears in his eyes.

The End

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