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Pure Beauty Of a Ruling Family

This is an alternate world Fan Fiction. The war has not happened although it is the Trio's Seventh Year. Hermione is Head Girl, Draco Head Boy. Same old, same old. Anyway, this can turn into a very long or very short fic depending on the reviews i get from people so... if you want lots, praise me!! if not, flame me! Seemples - meerkat noise -

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Stifling. Muggy. Hot.

The summer was hitting the school hard. All the students where outside having fun, splashing water from the lake, dancing around the forest edges or bathing in the sun. No matter where you where in the country it was like the air conditioning suddenly turned off and Britain was hit with the heaviest and most unnatural of heat waves it had ever seen. Inside the Castle it was cooler than the baking direct light; but a classroom with closed doors and shut windows was just unbearable.

Several of the students had asked the professor to open the window, but seen as Mr. Binns was a ghost, there was no hope of ever leaving the confined of the horrid room. Not unless they where ill and look about ready to join the teacher in the afterlife. That was how History of Magic always was, but in the summer it was just cruelty. Not that anyone ever had the guts to tell the professor that themselves. No-one had the courage to say what they thought. All apart from one.

“Hey, Professor, open the window! Merlin! It’s like an oven in here.”

Draco Malfoy. Perfect as any sense of the word. If one was to forget his involvement with all things dark and mysterious he was rather gorgeous. The girls in his house all fawned over him, wishing that they where the girls he chose to take to bed. It was degrading to all female creatures how they threw themselves at him. No-one stopped them of course, least of all the boy himself. He enjoyed the attention it gave him. He had been named the Slytherin Prince. His limelight was shared only secondary to that of the boy wonder himself. To many it was a difficult decision over who they where going to fawn over outside their houses. For one girl it was very simple indeed.

She had fallen deeply for the acclaimed school bad boy. Someone who her family had warned her several times to stay far away from. The boy who was more than likely going to grow into a Death Eater. Although the battle was far from over and he was soon to graduate at the end of this; his Seventh year. The Head Boy seemed much easier than before. Usually small jibes would cause him to hex a child. Now he simply sneered and kept walking on his way. It was astounding the amount of control he had at times. For one, she herself struggled to contain herself when someone spoke ill of her.

Her family was long. Long and very old. Their traditions ran deep in the wizarding world, but for different reasons to that of the Malfoys of indeed the Riddles. What her families’ secrets held was something no-one knew much about. Dumbledore himself was oblivious to the magic that was indeed practiced and taught in the elder families of the Celtic isles. Éire and Caledonia where the few places on earth that traditional magic was still practiced. Not forgetting the welsh lands; although it was their language which dominated instead of their practices.

Her name was unknown to many, in the native tongue for the ease of others. Only a few Irish children ever got the idea, but no. Caitlyn Fallon was a silent watcher. Her Blue robes where the only thing that separated her from the crowd of Greens, Reds and Yellows. Within her own house she was invisible. One of the quieter students. Nothing came from her being spoken to apart from a small nod or unintelligible answer in some strange foreign language.

It was a struggle for Caitlyn. Her native tongue, the supposed ' dead language ' could not be understood by a soul. Yet her English was difficult, strained. She had difficulty grasping the way the letters worked differently in English than they did Gaelic.

It never stopped her from gazing lovingly at the figure she had grown an attachment to anyway.

"Malfoy, if you are so keen to open these windows, then do so yourself and be sure to get those notes copied down on the Goblin Revolution of the 15th Century. I expect a three roll essay due in by next week students. Now, be on your way while young Malfoy here opens these cursed windows." Floating away to the quarters in which professors usually kept to themselves. The silent Ravenclaw gently packed her things away, managing to gather the last of her notes before everyone had left. What worried her though was how she had been left behind by her fellow students in the room with Draco himself.

Finally stopping to look up at him, he caught his staring at her and blushed a bright shade of pink. Hiding her face under the curtain of her hair before scurrying out of the door, her bag still open a little. One piece of parchment floating out of the purse shaped bag in her rush to escape.

Later that evening, as she was revising for an up coming test in Arithmacy; the unknown girl felt a presence behind her. The shadow of a figure fell over the book she was studying from and with a surprised squeak she turned to see the white blonde bad boy gazing down at her. His icy blue eyes boring down into her. She felt her throat dry and her tongue swell in hr mouth. She could not speak, nor make any sounds. She simply gaped as she watched him watching her.

It was coming up to the second minute before she had the courage to speak. "Can I help ye?" she asked tentatively. Swallowing down hard.

Again it began an eternity before he answered her question, holding out the sheet of paper she had earlier dropped in her rush to flee from the classroom. His smirk returned to his face as it had been missing for the past few moments. He tilted his chin up in an almost ' I’m far better then you ' way and strode away slowly, standing by the stacks to get a book for his Transfiguration homework he had yet to get a student to do for him.

The letter had been one from her parents, in Gaelic for privacy's sake. But its message was loud and clear.

My Darling Caitlyn.

My apologies for leaving this letter so late, but there has been trouble in the lands recently. Your Father and I have decided that for your safety and ultimately the safety of our people that you are to stay in the school during the next few holidays. Do not fear, as we are never far.

Trust us my Darling; please remember we take the safety of our people seriously. As you are to ascend after this year it is only right you too are protected.

We are sending an under cover protector to be sure of your safety. He is of course around your age, but his family has trained in the arts of protection for many centuries. We believe him to be the best there is and he expressed a distinct enthusiasm in being the one to keep safe our little princess.

Be careful my Caitlyn. You know not what lurks in the shadows. Beware what evils are hiding from you.

Most lovingly

Mother and Father

"Oh lord, my mother and father know I do not like it here. This new student will probably be one to put so much extra stress on my life" She sighed, her Scottish words flowing like the language of fairies off her tongue. Few knew what she had said.

Only one person turned to see the distressed look on her face. With a small flick of his neck, the platinum blonde hair was from his eyes, and he left the room. Leaving only a trail of green and black fabric billowing behind him.

The End

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