A modern-day Robin Hood story. Some mythical research, but mostly just for fun.

Nottingham Place is a tall, stone building that looms over lower London. It is a bleak testament to the power of the Nottingham Club, the group that gives to it their name, their disdain for warmth, and their poison. The tenants of the building are exclusive – one must be invited. It is a difficult place to get into and an even more difficult place to leave. Inside, security is the order of the day. It is not possible to move from one apartment to another without being watched and it’s an unconfirmed rumor that most of the apartments are bugged.

In the afternoon, the building casts a long shadow over the city, a reminder of our return to a distant past.   

The woman, Marian, lived here.


On the very edge of the furthest outskirt of London, the last block is called Sherwood. The buildings there are abandoned and the district has been scheduled for demolition for years. Legally speaking, no one lives inside the decrepit old factories and buildings. However, the area has become a turf of both miscreants and vagabonds. It is rare to a see a person in the flesh, but here are flagrant clues to the life there. The squatters build fires that can be seen in the night and toss trash that collects in the streets.

There is also the alarming amount of electricity consumed by the old Wolfhead factory.

This anomaly has gone largely unnoticed (beyond one temporary scare) by the government. The factory’s main power line was cut years ago and there would be no reason to monitor its electrical output. However, if the parts were collected (and they were), if the wiring was done manually (and it was) by just the right man (and he was), power could be restored and the building would be perfectly livable.

As luck would have it, all these came to be and Wolfhead Factory become home to a most peculiar group of tenants.

This is where Robin Hood lived.  

The End

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