That's me

I wandered aimlessly for hours, the lights of the town swimming in and out of my focus. The time my feet met tarmac and my nose regestired the distinctly town smell around me, I was dead beat.

Cold. The cold clung to me and I shivered as I stumbled forewards in the darkness. Drunks lolled outside pubs and shouted words at me, but none of them registered in my sleep starved brain.

I found shelter on a doorstep. I curled up like a cat, holding onto my knees and screwing my eyes shut to block out the harsh white street light above me. Terror brewed in my stomach, but I ignored it.

I could be strong. I would be strong.

By the time morning came, I felt as tired as I had when I first settled on the step. The sun thrusted itself rudley upon me, making any more sleep impossible.

I rolled over. Every part of me ached, and the weak sun wasn't enough to warm me up. I was still cold. Cars rumbled past, and no one seemed to notice me at all.

As if I was a nobody. Not worth anything. Good for nothing else but ignoring.

I wished I had something to hang onto. Memories, faces, family or friends. Anything that I could have drawn hope from. There was little hope in this pitifull, miserable town.

'Kelly?' A voice said suddenly above me.

I jumped out of my skin. Pretend, my instincts screamed at me. 'Yeah, that's me,' I lied.

The person who stood over me just laughed. 'Sure, kid. Push off home will you.'

I stood up, a little shakily, and faced this rude person. But I didn't get to say anything else, because then I saw his face. And when I saw it, I didn't want to look away.

The End

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