A girl is washed up on the shores of an unfamiliar, unfriendly town, and cannot remember who she is.



The water swirled. I fought for breath, struggling against the relentless current. My eyes stung from the salt. Whatever chance I had of making it out alive was getting smaller every second I stayed under. Suddenly, my face broke the surface, but I was pulled back under by the weeds crowding the sea floor. I reached out, for something, anything to hold on to. I felt the cool evening air on my shaking hand, and went in that direction.


Clawing my way onto the shore,coughing and spluttering, I tried to remember how I got here. But it was gone. Whatever I had been, whatever I had known before this moment had vanished, like it had never been. I sat on the beach, looking around for any signs of life, but I saw none. I was utterly alone.


I walked to the sea-front, a well worn path leading to a sinister looking wood. I peered in the other direction. It looked more promising. I could see street lights in the distance, a walked like it was all a dream.

The End

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