Chapter OneMature

A month later, the twins were in the arms of Allison and her best friend Stephanie Tanner. Instead of it being blue like every other room baby boys had, it was cream color with beige stripes. Their crib was pure white with a soft mattress. Inside the crib was a large teddy bear with a silk white ribbon tied around its neck. A chair sits on the corner by the window in case if the babies cried, either of the adults could comfort them. Allison lightly touched the soft white blanket wrapped around Chase. "Wow," she said, "I love it!" Her brother Nicky and Chad both fixed it up while the women went to get diapers and milk.

"And I'm sure Chase will love it too." Nicky said, slapping Chad on the back. Stephanie asked Allison in a small voice, "Where do I put the diapers?" Allison pointed to the changing table beside the dresser. Stephanie ripped open the paper in the bag, making them all spill on the floor. Nicky slapped his forehead. "Steffie what's gotten into you!?" He exclaimed, going over to help her pick them up. "I don't know," Stephanie said, "what's gotten into you?" 

Allison and Chad went back downstairs to feed the twins for the first time. The two sat down on the couch while Ally began to breastfeed Chase. The sucking sounds highly disturbed Chad. "That baby is sucking the life out of those tits!" He exclaimed. Allison felt tingly while at the process, so she laughed at what he said. Nicky and Stephanie came back downstairs.

"Oh wow," Nicky said, covering his ears and closing his eyes. "We shouldn't have came down yet." Stephanie playfully punched him in the shoulder as she came down before him, sitting on the other side of Allison. Nicky then came down and sat down in the chair. Chad said, "I don't remember being breastfed ever."

"Allison, breastfeeding is old," Nicky said shaking his head. "I mean, who does that anymore?"

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. "Have you tried it, tight nips?" She asked. Nicky frowned as his jaw dropped from that name his wife called him. "Hell no, why would I try something like that?" He retorted.

"Because you said it was old you fart." Stephanie said, giving him the same skeptical look from back then. Allison brushed her hair from her face as she sat Chase down beside her and Chad's leg. "Guys, what're y'all talking about?" She asked, her face pale as ever. 

"Get those kids a bottle!" Nicky snapped. "We don't wanna hear them sucking your breasts!" 

"Shut up, you ass-butt!" Stephanie snapped, making the other three laugh harder. Steffie face-palmed and shook her head. The unexpected moment came - and that was when the twins began to wail, ending the laughter instantly. Chad held the baby boys close to him and tried to rock them, but it only made the crying sound muffled. 

Stephanie was the first to head upstairs to grab a diaper while Nicky bolted into the kitchen to grab Chase's bottle. Allison got up but only moved to the love seat, the small couch. Stephanie came back downstairs with the diaper and placed it next to Chad, the only one holding the baby. "Wanna hold him, Steffie?" Chad asked. Stephanie was finally glad to have a chance to hold the baby. She nodded and took him, holding him for the first time. 

Nicky came back in with the baby's bottle and tossed it towards Chad. But it ended up hitting him on his head. "Ow, god dammit, Nicky!" He snapped, rubbing his temple. Nicky shrugged his shoulders, then Stephanie handed him the baby. Once Nicky had gotten a hold to him, his face scrunched up in disgust. "This fella needs a diaper change." He said, giving Chase back to Chad. 

The End

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