This bio-like story tells all about how Carter Lee Hart had gone from a beginner to an expert. Once he was sixteen, learning from the older kids in his team, he became the team leader. However, his past comes back to him when he accepts that role.

On February 8, 1999, Allison and her family were at the Grady Memorial hospital, shortly after her water broke. She had her beautiful dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, her face red as ever as she looked back at her husband Chad, who was sitting in a chair beside her bed.

When the labor began the pain was more intense than anything Allison had ever imagined. Nothing could be more brutal, not whips or chains. The room was only the bed and four walls, her helpers melting into the background as if they weren't even there. Is there anything more isolating than intense pain?

When her child was born, it was as if only sunshine existed the world, as if all the earth was ushered into harmony. She looked into those new eyes, a new consciousness, perfect and reaching out for her loves.

In that instant she knew she would do anything to protect her children, that her love was as vast as the universe yet solid as rock. She was a mother and would always be. A huge grin came to Chad's face as he saw how much these precious newborns resembled him.

The couple had an agreement before the labor that if the children looked like either of them, they could name them. And that's when Chad named them Chase Clinton and Carter

The End

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