Honey TrapMature

"Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life...And I'm feeling good." 

Tears burned a single streak down either side of her face as she considered the irony of the lyrics. Her eyes were focused on a space somewhere between the end of her nose and the plain white ceiling. Her red-brown hair fanned out on the pillow and the duvet was lightly crumpled under her slight body. Her eyes held the glassy stare of a person who was watching a film visible only to them. It's never the kind of film that brings a smile to the watcher's lips. She hadn't moved for hours.

Her breathing was unsteady but slowing, the kind of rhythm that signals sleep following a long time of crying. Eventually, her eyelids dropped. The time her eyelids stayed closed tipped into longer than the time they stayed open. Her breathing finally slowed, deepened and evened out. Sleep finally came to her as the pinks of dawn finally feathered the horizon. 

Though even in her dreams she couldn't escape the thought that had so haunted her, that had left her paralysed all this time. Her mistake was trusting him. 

The End

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