Vegies United!!!

The Vegetarians Rise:

When the world stopped. Everyone, and I mean everyone, turned into vegetables!

Burly Brenda turned into a potato. The german guy turned into a sugar-beat. And Duke turned into a tomato. And the restof Team Vegie turned into turnips.

Except Robert who turned into a stick of celery.

So isnt it wonderful? The vegetarians saved the world! But one slight problem.... We all turn into vegetables. I guess its not that bad. We could have all stayed as cannibals.

Authers note:

I've always wondered what would happen if the world would end. Would the sun explode? Would aliens take over? Would plants take over like on 'The Day of The Triffids'? Who knows? This story is just one of my many, many wacky ideas of how the human race would end. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

The End

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