The temple of Tofu

Vegie dictionary;


A lump of white stuff, that doen't taste very nice!

Team Vegie finally reached the temple of tofu. This was where Master Tofu would tell them how to fin the spear.

They walked in, full of pride, their heads held high!

"Greeting's young ones!" Said Master Tofu, who loked uncannily like yoda.

"Hello."They replied.

"You are here for the quest, yes?" Said Master Tofu, in his annoying squishy voice. He was green with big ears and bug eyes and a white robe. Yes he looked so much like Yoda!

"Yes!"Said Robert confidently. "We need you to tell us how to find the spear!" Master Tofu nodded.

"Yes, I will tell you. But you need to do somethings for me first!" He declaired, his voice going dangouresly high.

"What do you need us to do?" Asked Burly Betty.

"Well, I have some errands that I needed to run, but my back is killing me. So would you do them for me?" He asked.

"Yes! Of course we will!" Robert cried. Master Tofu gave im a list of 6 things to do:

  1. Give Dorris her knitting set back and say thank you for letting me borrow it.
  2. Go to the shops and but some mild and tetely tea.
  3. Give my granddaughter her bithday presant.
  4. Buy a new robe, white.
  5. Buy more Tofu fromMorrisons.
  6. Call the builders to see if they're coming to fix the leak in the roof.

Robert stared at the at the paper in confusion.

"This is all you wat us to do?"

"Yes please."

So Duke went to give Dorris her knitting kit back and say thankyou for letting him borrow it.

random vegie went to the shops to buy some mild and tetely tea.

Random vegie Jr. went to go give his granddaughter her birthday gift.

Burly Betty went to go get him his new robe, in white.

Duke went to get some more tofu from Morrisons.

The fat german guy, whose name no one could remember called the builders and asked if they were going to come and fix the leak in the roof.

When they had finished, they all sat down to eat some tofu. Which did not taste very nice at all!

"So how can we get the Golden Asparagus spear?"Asked Robert after he'd forced down a mouthful of tofu.

"I ahve absoloutly no isea."Chirped Mster Tofu.

"You mean, we did all those things for you, for NOTHING?!" He yelled in anger.

"Yes."Said Master Tofu, munching on some tofu. "Now if you don't mind. I ahve some knitting to do, off you go now!"He shooed them out of the temple with his tiny green hands.

So Team Vegie, stood on the temple steps, feeling dasmayed and betrayed.

How would Team Vegie find the spear now?

The End

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