Mr Meatyness's meaty-veg-killing-plan

Cannibal dictionary:


A discusting bowl of green slimey stuff which is more commenly know as leutice!

"So whatduya think??"Demanded Mr Meatyness.

"It was great!"Said the random cannibal.

"Amazing!" Agreed random cannibal Jr.

"So, I need you to get all the cannibals you can! We NEED to collect as much weed kill ASAP!"He said evilly.

"Yes, we will, Mr Meatyness!"They said in union.

So random cannibal and random cannibal Jr. set off to all the gardening centres theys could find!

And they needed as much weed killer as well, well, think of all the veg in the word. They are gonna need a HECK of alot of week killer!!!

So they went into the town and started scouring the land before Team Vegie found the Golden Asparagus Spear!

The End

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