Follow the egg-sandwich road!

Vegie dictionary;


Are vegies who eat fish, so basically, they're cheating! True vegies don't eat fish! Its because they don't eat enough pui lental for protien!

 And so, our team of heroes trekked across mountain and sea, rivers and desserts. Well, not really. They travled over deseted motorways and ghost towns, defeating cannibals as they went.

Little did they know that their winning-streak would be ended very soon! By Mr meatynessess meat-evil plan!

They stopped in a deserted town for a little while, when they heard whispering, first Mr Momo said it was the spirits talking to them. But then. Some odd looking people popped up from the hedges, they were funny little things!

And with sudden shock. The questers realised they were mini Noel Edmonds!!!!

"Hello!"One of them greeted the suprised(and much taller) vegies.

"Why aren't you cannibals?" Rober asked them.

"Because,"one of the mini Noel Edmonds piped up, "we are our own race entirely!"

Team Vegie laughed until tears were falling down their cheeks!

"And we are here to help you!" One of them said, this one was wearing a shiny blue suit.

"Help us?" Duke asked.

"Yes, help you! Were here to show you..."Said a mini Noel with a red glitery suit on.

"...The egg-sandwich road!!!"Finished a mini Noel with a pink stripey suit on.

"The egg-sandwich road?!" All the vegies said at the same time.

"Yes, here it is;"said the shiny blue suited Noel, gesturing to a road, that was sure enough, made of egg-sandwiches!!!

"wow!" Cried Robert in glee.

"You must go now! Or the cannibals will be upon you!!"Squealed the Noel in the sparkly red suit.

"Come on, guys! lets sing a song!"Cried Burly Betty.

"Lets follow the egg-sandwich road! Lets follow, lets follow, lets follow the egg-sandwich road!"The team sang skiping as the trekked over the egg-snadwich road!

But they didn't hear the squeals of pain that the mini Noel Edmonds made....

The End

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