Operation: Asparagus

Vegie dictionary:

Vegetarain Blible:

A vegie holy book, there is only one book.

After days of preparing, the expadition team and the little boy, whose name was Robert, set off to find the spear.

"Good-bye warriors! good-bye!" They whole crowd chanted, in all their languages.

The gates opened, and the quest was on!

"Did you rember the map Robert?" Duke asked. Duke was a large man, who agreed to go on the quest because he needed to loose some weight.

"Yup, it's right here, Duke!" He chirped. Smiling. Robert was leading the expadition team because he'd aced the training.

"Alrighty then! Lets go!" Cried Betty, a crazy PETA woman from America.

"Go team vegie!!!"Squealed Olivia, a burly Irish woman. Everyone looked at her in suprise. She had never used such enthuseasm before!

"Operation: Asparagus, commence!"Bellowed King V, who had insisted he had to come.

"Shush!"Hushed Mr Momo, the crazy phsycic. Well he says he can see the future. But people don't believe him! "Or the cannibals will hear you!" And they obviousy did, because, they came jumping out of the tree's. Shrieking and screaming and beating their chests'.

Team Vegie got to work. Throwing all the vegetables they had at them. Th cannibals ran off, crying out in pain.

"We sure showed 'em!" Yelled Robert, punching the air.

"Yez, vee sure showed 'em!" Grinned Obble-Shnoogen Jr. A fat german man.

And they set off, because they knew none of the cannibals could harm them, as long as they had their trusty veg!

The End

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