Team Vegie.

Vegie dictionary:


A inhuman creature who eats meat and wont go near a salad.

"So here we all are!" King V bellowed. "We now know why we are so imortant to socitity. Or what little bit of it we have left!We have to act. We are the only sane people on earth now! We have had traitors; someof the PETA people, for instance. And Mr McHendie has eaten meat, putting the whole camp in danger. We need to fight back and find something. Something more powerful than any of us could ever imagine! Mr Jones, would you please come up hear and tell us about it?" Mr Jones was a old historian, he used a walking stck, and before the world was taken over, he said he was going to get a granny-mobile.

"Um yeaaas. We need 10 explorers to go on a journy of a lifetime! They need to find, the Golden Asparagus Spear!" When he said this, the whole crowd of people burst in whispers. "I know you have all heard of this, because, its in THIS book!" He held up a large book, the title said; The Vegetarian Bible. A woman in the crowd passed out. No one had ever seen such amazingness. This was a holy, holy, holy book. Treasured in the vegie socitity.

"Wow!" A young boy gasped. "It's beautiful!"

"As I was saying, "Mr Jones carried on, "we need 10 volounteers who have been a vegetarian their whole life. So they wont be tempted by the meat that lies outside camp!" 30 people raised their hands.

"ONLY THAT MANY?!"King V screamed. "OH HOW WILL WE SURVIVE!!!!???"

"Ummm, Mr Jones, can  join the expedition team? I have been a vegetarian all my life!" The little boy piped up. Everyone around him laughed. He wasn't joking, we wanted to go!

"I'm serious. I want to help save the world!"

The End

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