Honey, I ate the kids...And the neighbours... And the postman

The world stopped. A new race was born...The cannibal race. There are only a few people in the world can stop them....The vegitarians! They must go in search of the golden asparagus spear to stop the cannibles leader; Mr meatyness!


The world stopped for precicley 10 seconds. And then it happened, all the meat eaters of the world turned into canniblals. The only people left, are us, the vegetarians. You shouldn't find it funny. We are the ones who have to save all of you, filthy meateaters! We know now that some of the PETA people, aren't at all working for PETA.

In England, in the countryside. All the vegetarians of the world have gathered. We have gathered to stop Mr Meatyness and he eveil plans. His plans to tak over the world with his meateating. We've found one way of turning the cannibals into humans again. Making them say; "I am a vegeterian." But that wont work as efficiantly as we need it too. We need to turn the WHOLE world back. We are armed with vegetables and were not afraid to use 'em!



The End

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