Honey, Honey Academy!

How far would you go to get your best friend back? Would to take an entrance exam to a ridiculously high-class boarding school in London, just to see if you could get a scholarship to it? And what if this school was an all boys...?

Dee glanced up at the massive notice board which showed the names of the people who were accepted into the academy, and which class they were in-- scholarship or pay. Dee shifted in her uniform nervously, glancing around to check if anyone had noticed her yet. Thankfully, no one had.

Because, truth be told, Dee wasn't really supposed to be at that school... because she was a girl. Dee had enrolled in a all-boys academy. She shuffled forward in the queue, adjusting her binding around her chest. Once she managed to squirm her way to the front, her eyes scoured the board and they focused on a name; Dee Williams ~ Class 1 A. Dee sighed with relief and burst out of the crowds, grinning to herself.

Her step-mother, who was very aware of the situation and only allowed her daughter into the academy on the agreement that she brought back Jack, her step-brother. Jack was Dee's best friend, and vice versa. So it was a big shock to Dee when he suddenly announced he was going to London to go to a private academy on a scholarship.

But Dee wouldn't give Jack up without a fight, so she and Milly, her step-mother, concocted a devious plan to drag him back home to Yorkshire: Dee would enrol in that academy also, as a boy of course. That same month, many things happened; Dee studied hard to ready herself for the exam and Molly went out to buy boys clothing and some special binding which would hide Dee's identity, and boys underwear was necessary to make her look even more masculine, and the way they were to hide Dee's binding was easy! Males vest tops are quit easy to come by these days!

Dee jogged back towards the car park and waved her arm around at Molly's car, Molly pulled out and sighed with relief at the beam which radiated from Dee's face.

'You got in, I assume?'

'Yes, 97% on the entrance test, the highest score but one.'

'Who beat you?' Molly asked curiously.

Dee paused, not wanting to upset Molly. But the kindly step-mother knew who had beat Dee instantly.

'It was Jack... wasn't it?' She said quietly, a rhetorical question which Dee needn't answer.

'Yes. We were the only two scholarship students. I wonder if he'll recognise me with my new hair?' Dee though out loud, Molly and she had also visited the hair dressers for a dye and cut.

Dee flipped down the mirror and examined her dark blonde, cropped hair in the mirror with doubtful eyes. Molly grinning and pinched her, Dee looked up in surprise.

'I'll treat you to McDonalds on the way to our hotel! I can't believe you actually got in!' Molly said gleefully, and Dee nodded in agreement.

Because, although Dee was entering a all-boys school, and was going to be surrounded by nothing but males, she was excited to see Jack again and it all seemed like some  big adventure that she was going on!

The End

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