Ch. 1 ~ Late for SchoolMature

       Vanessa sulkily searched through the house, checking in every room, closet and hallway Isabelle had access to. A tough task since that included most of the main house and east wing. Her 15 minutes were up. She was going to be late for school. And still that self-centered, crazy mutt eluded her.

        "Come on you stubborn, pig headed dog! Give me my goddamn socks already!" Vanessa cried desperately to the house. Tired of searching the house she headed back to the parlour. Upon reaching the parlour, she crossed the room and sank onto the couch there. Relishing in the softness of the cushions for a moment, she closed her eyes. Opening them up a few seconds later, she was startled to see Isabelle standing in front of her, socks in mouth. She slowly came forward and placed the socks at Vanessa's feet. 

        "Thank you thankyou thankyouthankyou!!" She cried, hugging Belle around the neck. "But I'm still late for school!!" Vanessa grabbed her socks up and walked as fast as she could to her room on the second floor of the east wing to retrieve her tennis shoes. Returning with backpack and gym bag in hand she raced as fast as her pumps would allow into the garage. Throwing the bags into the passenger seat, she hit the button on her visor for the garage door before buckling up and starting her car. She quickly backed out of the garage before speeding down the quarter mile of driveway in front of her family's mansion and turning onto the highway. She glanced at her watch. "Shit." She turned onto the road that led to the school, slowing down lest she get a ticket. A few seconds later she pulled into the student lot and threw the car in park, jumping out with her bags faster than a person could blink. She threw her backpack over her shoulder and strode towards the side entrance of the school, making a beeline for her locker to put away her gym bag before heading to the front desk to check in. What a day this was turning out to be.

The End

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