Honest Excuses

There is this feeling
Tucked deep within my being
A ghost, a whisper, a reminder
Of how things used to be

Before I turned away
Before I shut my eyes
Before I closed my heart
and broke yours too

You've heard it all already
These honest excuses I give
They are not enough
Yet here they are, just in case...

There were voices, so many voices
In her head, telling her what she wanted
And there was a little girl's whisper
Breathless in her ear

She was telling her these things
Of fairytales and princes and happyendings
Things not meant for this life
But, oh, they both believed

And as you well know,
Just as in every princess tale before
There is the wicked witch,
Who can't stand the happiness of the girl

So the witch cooks up a plan,
A most devilish plan of horridness
To snatch happiness from the girl
And keep it for her own warped self

Now there was a voice to challenge
the little girl's hopeful whisper
A loud booming voice,
Overpowering all other thoughts

She struggled to hear that little voice
Nestled deep inside, so small and quiet
But the struggling wore her out
Until she had nothing left to give

She gave in to the evil plan
Ruining her chance of a fairytale ending
And now, even though the Prince returned
To save her yet again
Our fairytale will never be the same

The End

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