The bus stops and you lock your fingers around my wrists. ‘Let’s go.’ I follow you out the bus. The rain is still pouring. You pull me by the wrist semi running from the bus to a door in a warehouse type building. Safe inside you turn to me still holding my wrist and pull me close. ‘So tell me girlie, why are we here?’ you lock your fingers around my other wrist too. We are standing so close our lips almost touch. 

I feel the room spin and all I can voice is a faint ‘Take me… please’. You pull me in as you kiss me… finally. I meet your passionate kiss. I open my lips and my mouth to you, letting you in, sucking your tongue deeper in, then biting on your lower lip. God, I want you. We tumble backwards until I am pinned on some sort of low box. I bend backwards onto the box supporting myself on my arms, opening my legs to you so you can lean in between them.

 You back up a bit and smile… Inspecting me. All of the sudden I feel exposed semi sitting, semi lying there on the box, my skirt has worked its way up and my legs so wide apart that you can see where my panties cover the most sensitive part of me. I want to put my legs together but as I move you stop me. ‘oh no, no, no, no, no, baby, you will let me look as long as I like’. I obey feeling a strange thrill in it that…. so new and so alluring to me. You come closer and say ‘Now open wide for me’ and surprise me by slipping two fingers inside me. ‘Yessssss’ I gasp out as I meet your fingers pressing down on them. You grab me by the hair and pull my face to you kissing passionately as you fingers penetrate me slowly and deeply. ‘Mmmmhhh’ I am so close to coming. I let my hands travel up your shirt and massage your breasts, pinching your hard nipples. My mouth seeks yours as you add a third finger to my pulsating sex, stretching me to the brink of pain. The room is spinning for me and I feel only you in me, your lips on mine and your tongue playing with mine. I clinch on your fingers and thrust down hungrily by arching my back. All of the sudden you stop. Back up again and look at me. ‘You are wearing to much clothes’ you say. ‘Strip’. I feel self-conscious and a bit insecure. But every inch of me screams for your caresses and touch. You feel my apprehension. ’Here let me help you’. There is a husky blur in your voice. You come close and gently opens the buttons in my shirt with one hand, one by one. Your other hand is fondling my mound. Teasing it. All of the sudden locking in a fist grip around the front of my panties. You pull up firmly and the sheer fabric of the panties disappear between my taunt outer lips. ‘Oh god’ I moan out as I feel the panties being pulled tight on my clit. You flick the elastic band smacking the panties on my clit. Smack, smack. My legs quiver and give in. I whimper a little. All of my sex is now so teased sensitive that any touch of it would send me over the edge. You purr in my ear ‘should I remove your panties my way or would you rather do it yourself?’ I can’t say anything I just hold your gaze and cling onto you. You nod and smile softly. You put your arm around my waist and hug me tight for a few seconds synchronizing our breathing. Then you take hold of my panties on my back and whisper ‘this might hurt a wee bit’. Before I even manage to think anything you hike up my thong hard. I feel the front tightening so hard between my sensitive lips. The laces of my panties sends an almost cutting pain lashing over the stars shaped opening off my butt. The panties yield and the fabric is shredded. In another firm yank you rip it from my body. I feel my clit and butthole burn from the tear, so sensitive, sooo raw. I hold on to your shoulders and whimper a little on your neck. You stroke my hair and hold me close. Calming me down. ‘Sssshhhhh girl, you are ok. The little pain will sensitize you even more… I promise it’s worth it. You maneuver me ever so gently on my back on the box and spread my legs wide, enjoying clearly the red marks the torn panties have made on my sex, waist and thighs. You blow cool air on my mound and look me deeply in the eyes. Then you let your fingers touch my outer lips ever so softly. My lips being swollen and sensitive it makes me jolt. I settle down calming until you smack my pussy with a firm smack, sending electrical currents straight on my clit. ‘OHhhhhh’ I cry out but you quench my cry with a deep and sensual kiss and at the same time you thrust four coned fingers in me. I was so unprepared and I feel stretched to the limit. You curl one in me and make sure that for every slow deep thrust one of your fingers hit my g-spot. Your thumb is massaging my clit and I have absolutely no control of my body. I feel my walls starting to spasm. Waves of wild orgasmic currents overwhelm me as you relentlessly slam your fingers in deep and kiss me just as deep on my mouth. I am pinned down and thoroughly taken. I give in a little more. Feeling the intensity of your weight pinning me down and your tongue demanding my mouth. in the midst of my orgasm you twist your hand and slip your knuckles in me too. I scream in the kiss. Impaled on your hand my orgasm reaches a high I never knew before as I let go of all I ever knew and become yours. The orgasm subsides. I am sore. Throbbing. I can’t help crying feeling a strange combination of being used, abused and yet so safe. Your hand is still in me. You kiss me gently and look me in the eyes ever so softly saying ‘I will take out my hand now. It will hurt. Breathe with me baby and focus on relaxing that wonderful, sweet, sweet puss of yours’. I still can’t say anything I just wrap my arms around your neck nodding and try to relax and expand. You relax your hand in me ‘Here we go darling’ you pull outwards first slowly and passing the opening you slip out fast and capable. ‘Uhhhh’ I cry out again in pain and something in me lets go. I cry. Sob like a little girl. You cuddle me up. Wrapping your arms around me. Stroking my hair.Kissing me. Gently easing my legs together. Whispering ‘oh baby... That was beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Just relax. I got you.’ My sobs subside and all I sense is a feeling of being is cleansed or purged. Loved and handled. Made to give in and surrender in way the make me feel freer than ever before… in your arms.

The End

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