The busMature

'I am so sorry' I say in Spanish in a low voice not to attract too much attention to me being foreigner. 'it‘s ok' the person answers ‘don’t worry about it’. I hear a smiling voice so I look up and feel my legs loose strength as I look into a pair of beautiful deep and dark brown eyes.

'But maybe you should consider holding on tight with both hands' you say as you nod at the handles dangling from the roof of the bus. I smile nervously and look up at the handle without removing my arm from my boobs. You let out a laugh that makes me smile. 'Girl, Didn't anyone tell you not to wear two layers of white in a rainstorm?' you look into my eyes. I try to focus on my breathing to maintain a normal face color - no success.                              

You move in closer and grab a handle above my head and the seat corner behind me leaving me slightly pinned up against a seat. We are now face to face with our sides to the driving direction. I look up again meeting your eyes. There is something in them that makes me breathe a little faster. 

You smile and lean forward, bending over… leaning almost my shoulder, staring out the window… so close I can smell your perfume and see the pulse on your neck. I shake my head lightly to clear my head. Recomposing myself and focusing on holding on onto the seat. But I feel your eyes on me. And I feel you so close to me it almost feels like a touch. I look back up and again I see something in your eyes. It is dark. It is direct… and it is drawing me in.  

I feel your thigh brushing against mine. I don’t move. It feels so nice. The bus hits a rock and throws you on me. Your breasts press against my arm covering my breasts. ‘Sorry’ you say and let go of the handle in the roof and grab the same corner as me on the seat in front of me. I am now locked in between your arms. ‘Let me know when you need to get off and I’ll consider letting you out of my arms’ you whisper in my ear with smiles in your voice. I am so confused and so aroused by you. I feel your legs on mine. Your pelvis bumping onto mine from time to time. I have this crazy urge to cling onto you and kiss you deeply. 

Your hand touch mine on the seat. I look down to try to resist looking into to your eyes. ‘Enjoying the view? You giggle close to my ear. I emerge from my hazy thought stream. ‘What view’ I think. But then it dawns on me where my eyes must have seemed to been lingering. Your cleavage! You are wearing a black shirt with a v-shaped low cut neckline ending in little shiny buttons. I blush profoundly. 

The bus takes a turn and I have to let my left hand out of my armpit to grab onto on to the handle swinging from the roof not to fall. ‘Mmmhh’ you smile and stare down my body. You look into my eyes. Then tension is thick between us. I need to calm myself. So I breathe in deeply but in doing so my chest raises making my breasts touch yours. I feel your breasts warm softness on my hard nipples and let out a little gasp. ‘Good girl’ you whisper ‘Come closer’. I can’t voice anything but give in and lean into your soft warm body. You press a leg in between mine and look me straight in the eyes. ‘You need to come with me’ you say seriously and hold my gaze ‘So just hold on to me for one more stop and then we get off.’ I just nod. We stay like this, close, tens, painfully aware how our bodies touch… like they have a mind of their own but no possible way to give in to our growing desires.   

I put my head on your shoulder letting myself disappear in your scent. I hear you explaining in Spanish to an elderly lady that I am not well. I smile. Covering my smile by turning my head so my lips get concealed by being turned down on your shoulder… uhhhh I so want to open my mouth… just a little to let my tongue taste your wet skin. I feel you shiver lightly as you feel my soft lips on your bare skin.

The End

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