Erotic... A wee bit of 'ouwie'... love...submission. Like it or not... I kinda liked writing it;)


Come with me, baby, let me take you somewhere....

Sit down... make yourself comfortable... feel your breathing and notice how feeling it relaxes and soothes your body... kick of your shoes... breathe in deeply trough your nose and out through your mouth... relaxing every fiber in your body... send a loving, soothing thoughts to every part of your body... 

Had I been right next to you physically I would have made you close your eyes and focus on my voice, but closing your eyes doesn’t really working when I want you to read what I write. 

But try it… just for a minute... lean back with closed eyes... feel every inch of your body relaxed and imagine what my voice sounds like... imagine its right there whispering in your ear in a soft low voice, speaking slowly, my soft lips barely touching your earlobe every once in a while. Are you here? Right next to me?

The End

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