Mermaids have finally been discovered and are given the genus name Sirenia D'Aquaria or Sirens for short. The first pod of Sirens ever to be caught known as the G-7 pod are to be put on display at Le Perle Oceanarium a spacious, well funded Marine life sanctuary. There they will be exhibited in the largest man made ocean habitat ever constructed. Four people tell us their story.

It was a dog fight to get the shipping permits approved. Greenland of course tried to argue that since G-7 were caught of their coast in their waters the Sirens officially belonged to them! Thankfully that didn't stand up in International court, am I right?

Ted Harper walks over to me and hands me a glass of scotch regarding me with twinkling blue eyes, no matter what Ted's eyes never lost that confident shimmer like he was privy to the fact that no matter what he did he would never lose.

Can't blame them for trying. I say turning my attention to the chaos happening outside. Ted nods. Well you are certainly right about that Rich. He says his gaze following mine out the window. After all if I had in my possession, one of the greatest living discoveries in the history of mankind. I guess I'd have a hard time letting go too.

The scotch is smooth obviously the best and my thoughts are momentarily distracted by the gold liquid as I swirl it around the glass. But you do Ted. I say finally. Have them in your possession I mean. He turns to me with an amused grin on his face. Oh that's right! I do don't I?

We are in his office looking out in to the main floor of Le Perle Oceanarium. I had heard that the Conservatory had closed its doors to public viewing at the peak of tourist season and now I knew why beneath us hundreds of builders, engineers and technicians were working around the clock. They had already completed the viewing tank a giant glass structure located on the main floor that would connect directly in to G-7's new enclosure. I thought some fool must have sold you a Humpback whale. I tell him.

God no! He says looking at me with distaste. Can you imagine what the upkeep would be on a animal like that? I'd go under in a month. I'm sure you could afford it I mumble as I try to look into only the partially complete enclosure. Speaking of money I bet that new habitat your making set you back some. Only the best for my Sirens! he says to me with a smirk. It's going to be the largest artificial salt water enclosure in existence holding over four million gallons. My God Ted. 

- And Two hundred feet! Oh I say furrowing my brow. That isn't that large Ted. I'd say that's the length of the tank Sea Kingdom keep their Orcas in. Ted looks at me with disgust as soon as I bring up Le Perle's corporate competitors.Not 20o feet long Rich! 200 feet deep!.

What? I blink and shake my head. Your making a tank as tall as a twenty storey house  ? Have to it's official protocol. He states cooly. There's a protocol on mermaids?

Creatures are sensitive to light. He says ignoring my remark. So, they're bottom dwellers? Correct. Probably the reason why they've gone undiscovered for so long. I say rubbing my chin. Probably. It's definitely the reason why they need a really, really deep pool.

More like a really, really deep fishbowl. He laughs and cocks his head at me. Oh, come on Rich! A fishbowl the size of a lagoon? That would impress any fish I would think! I smile as I put the glass down on his desk.I don't know if anyone's told you this yet Ted but they're not actually fish.  I hear him sigh.

Thank You Dr. Clark. I mean I already knew that but Thank you all the same that is precisely the reason why I need your expertise.I am not an expert on Mermaids Ted.

Siren's Rich! Have you not been keeping up with the news? They're called Sirens now! Mermaid sounds so...old fashioned. He says walking back to his desk. Never the less Ted a rose by any-

I wouldn't beat myself up over it Rich! he says interrupting me with a tone of annoyance in his voice. No one's an expert on these things yet, but tell me. He says taking a seat and motioning for me to do the same. How would you like to be the first? The twinkle in his eyes is still there it reminds me of the way light reflects off a very sharp blade. The first Ted?

The first, the only definitely the most accredited with Le Perle backing your research he tells me without skipping a beat. I see I say peering at him over my glasses. Well now that you've explained the benefits I may enjoy from such an endavour how about you tell what's in it for you? For me? He begins to laugh. Why that's simple. Money Rich! And lot's of it. These sirens are going to be worth their weight in gold! Every child from here to The Artic will be holding their parents at gun point to come see them. 

The End

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