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"Well, you certainly seem to know this place well" I huffed after her.

I didn't see she had stopped, and rammed into her sending her stumbling into the door in front of her. It was an oak door, and a star shaped poster was stuck to the door, which said "Marabelle" in glow in the dark lettering.

Marci glared at me, and then turned the handle and walked in.

Marabelle's room was a bit of a shocker. I had expected her room to be somewhat like an ancient, what did they call it?, ah bedchamber. But it was really very like any ordinary teenager's bedroom, except for the fact that it was very dusty, which wasn't surprising considering that Marabelle had been dead for two years.

Marci was walking towards the giant bed. " Peggy, help me move this out of the way"

I looked at her as if she was mad, but I helped her push the bed into a corner all the same. Under the bed was a carpet. I saw Marci knit her eyebrows together as she lifted one corner of it. There was a trapdoor below.

The End

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