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I suppose it didn't help that the moon was a flat disk in the sky, which seem to shed no silvery light, because that kind of thing happens only in fantasy novels.

We shone our flashlights on the crude path to Mr Pietdricho's house. Of course, it had to be an isolated house in the hills where no one would ever think of going. I cursed my luck for the thousandth time that night.

Surprisingly, Mr Pietdricho's house was as close to a mansion that a house in suburbs of Dell got. 

"Stop gaping," said Marci, walking up the front steps to his house. " We have work to do. And stop rolling your eyes"

I shook my head and followed Marci up the stairs. It surprised me how confident she was about the whole thing.

Marci gave the door a push and it opened.

"It was open?" I asked.

Marci didn't answer, instead she stepped onto the rich carpeting, and swept her flashlight over the walls.

"That's her" she said shining the light over a portrait, like a spotlight. In the picture was a girl with copper colored hair flowing to her shoulders. She was wearing a sparkly red dress made of sequins. A lace hand fan covered her face. " That's the dress I want. And will you please stop rolling your eyes"

" You know what? I'll buy you a dress. Let's just get out of here before Mr. Pietdricho gets back from France."

" No. That's the perfect dress to wear to Kate's costume party. I saw her wearing the dress at her funeral. Marabelle's not going to miss it. Unless her ghost comes back" she snickered.

The End

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