Ch. V: Queen's JournalMature

It's hot.

Court has been dull. I greatly miss my advisors, but they have earned their vacations twice over. This desert leeches my energy, and I fear the sun will crack my complexion. These elderly nobles do nothing but grumble and imply that I am improper, poorly dressed, inarticulate- I can allow people of their age a certain crotchety-ness, but if they continue to disrespect me, I will have to make an example. My best hope is that a criminal is caught. I intend to bring him before me in the presence of the full court and introduce my subjects to my interpretation of the law.


The youth! They have finally stepped up and have begun to accompany me. This day in the garden was spent in pleasant company among bright individuals who love sport and games as well as a few who enjoy good conversation and one with a most pleasant air about him.  He is perhaps one of the tallest men I have ever met, Meradox. His hand could easily cover my entire face! His eyes are a fierce green, his hair the golden red of a sunrise, and his smile is full of secrets.

He found me on the balcony last night. We took a walk through the gardens. He led me to a bench where I succumbed to his charms for a moment. I wanted to go with him to his chambers, but I cannot stop thinking about Paniten.

I cannot stop thinking of Pan.


I cannot stop thinking about Paniten! I have sent for him. He shall be be here in three days- he dislikes air travel, but it is so much more practical. I hope spending time with the youths and myself will help him warm up. Perhaps Meradox's affections will spur him on.

The End

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