This is going to be pretty extreme.

          In the year 2318 a.d. a massive world-wide revolution found the planet's population in a general upheaval.  Working women everywhere dropped their pens, threw their keyboards, their company hats, and walked out of their office buildings, restaurants, and schools.  Homemakers dropped their pots and pans, beaten wives viciously fought back, and for the first time, women had the upper hand.

          It started in America, Canada, and Britain and quickly spread to India, Iraq, Russia, China and the rest of the world.  No more child brides, no more sex-slaves, no more silent victims of rape, no more baby girls thrown into the river and drowned- in less than a month, every woman on the face of the earth was a part of the Conspiracy, the fight to completely overthrow men in their failing attempt at ruling the earth, controlling everything, and stepping on whatever got in their way.

          For almost a millennium, the world was quiet.  No war, low crime rates, and pollution was virtually a thing of the past.  The year was 747 a.p. (after patriarch) when Lady Niamh took the throne at the age of seventeen.  That is when things began to change.

The End

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