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Bullied and now lost in New York City, Lily is totally 'pocket bankrupt' and has nowhere to actually go. With no choice, she knocks on the door of Harry. At first she finds him hot and cute until he turns out to be different. Followed by drunks and @@&^, she eventually has to take his help. With a lot of awkwardness and excitement, they become the perfect 'home mates' or shall I say...something more than that? With a lot of fun, love, fights, anger, heartbreak and hate. "Love does

Chapter 1

Lily's POV

"Shit shit shit!" I banged my stupid phone hoping it would wake up. I was so frustrated. I switched it off and then turned it back on. This time it was perfect. I immediately called my Mom up.

But she wouldn't asnswer. Instead it went on answer, 'Hey there this is Jacey Filler, sorry could not answer your call but send me a message and I'll get back to you later. Have a good day.' 

I rolled my eyes and dumped the phone into my bag. I hated it when she didn't pick up. She never usually did and I never really sent her a message.

I checked my pockets one last time to see if I had some money left. 

Nothing in there.

My bag. Nothing.

My coat. Nothing.

How was I gonna survive in this city? I'm a total stranger here with friends who bullied and left me alone here. 

It was cold and I didn't even have the right clothes to wear. Until I saw a guy with some toast in his mouth coming out. Dude, he was something! Because he hadn't worn a shirt. And his body was so hot. His curly hair and from what I could see, light blue eyes. 

There were like a million people who could help me out but I wanted this guy to help me out. 

I rushed to him as he blended to take his set of newspapers, "Um...hello." I said awkwardly as he was straight up.


"Hi I'm uh...Lily Filler. And...I needed some help." He was still selling me some confused looks, "Could you help me out?"

"Yeah sure but what's the problem?"

Lily stop looking at his body! Control your eyes! I pushed back some of my hair, "You see...I'm kinda lost here. I don't even know where I am now. I don't have any money nor is my phone gonna work in a few minutes. I just needed a place to stay till my Mom comes back from wherever she is and starts hunting for me."

He chuckled, "What if she doesn't wanna hunt for you?"

"Excuse me?" 

"No, I'm just saying. You want your Mom to take the first step. Shouldn't you be the one taking the first step?"

This guy was kinda being weird. I'm asking him a yes or no question and he's giving me an interrogation on whether or not I should take the first step? This was a bit annoying to me, "What's you name?" I asked.

"Harry Styles."

"You know Harry, I always take the first step. But right now," I showed him my pockets, my bag and my coat, "I have no money! As you know, you need money for every single thing! I wouldn't have come here if I could manage on my own. So now...are you gonna be of some help or no?"

"Your expecting a yes?"

"It would be good if so."

"You could stay with me." 

I was just staring at him with my heart pounding. Maybe I should turn back now. Staying with this guy was gonna be a bit gawky, "Don't you have some other idea?" 

He shook his head, "I'm obviously not gonna pay for a place for you to stay! So you might as well stay with me."

"Hey that's rude!" 

"Fine. Sorry. I can't help." 

He walked back inside with his newspaper and toast and shut the door on my face. What kinda guy was this?! True that this city of New York was filled with some weirdos. 

I frowned and walked away. My legs all cold in the snow. When I had reached a bit further, a few drunkards around the place with chains and alcohol were staring at me. 

Oh no! I didn't wanna get kidnapped now!

One guy with big hair winked at me, "How you doing baby girl?"

I didn't answer but kept walking, "Oh don't run away. We don't hurt." Another voice, "We only make feel good if you know what I'm saying."

They were coming closer I know. Their footsteps could be heard. And I was sweating shit out. 

I clinged onto my bag tightly and very slowly and carefully I turned back and made a run for it. My legs were giving weigh but I couldn't stop. My hands were freezing and my eyes were steaming. I think my nose was running coz it was so cold. 

I ran and quickly rang Harry's doorbell. I kept on ringing like a mad woman who was surprised by the sound of a bell. The guys were still following me and I hoped that they wouldn't catch me, "OPEN UP!!" I rang again as they were just a few runs away. 

"What the fuck?!" Harry opened up. I pushed him in and shut the door. Trying to get my breath back, I closed my eyes. I turned my head to take a glimpse outside, "Hey how could you just enter my house like that, huh?"

"I'm sorry. Some guys were after me and I needed some hiding place."

"This is the only house you got to bother?"

I rolled my eyes, "I wanna stay here. I'll take your help."

The inside of his house was really warm and pleasant. Everything was in its place neat and tidy. A dog was sitting down on the mat noticing me. And there was a staircase at the side which me at that there were floors to his home. 

He side smiled, "You girls are dumb." He marched inside, "Fine you can stay."

"What do you mean?!"

He ignored my question and asked me his, "By the way, when do you think your Mom is gonna hunt for you?"

"I don't know. She's on holiday herself for like a month. Plus it will take her sometime to find me. So you could say...one month and fifteen days or so?"


I narrowed my eyes, "What do you mean 'fuck'?! Your not doing me a fav--"

Oops, not the right thing to say. Of course he was doing me a favour. I had like boycotted his home and entered like a terrorist. Lily you are such a bitch. He had his hands folded and eyes raised, "You were saying something?"

I hesitated and took my bag, "Nothing! I was just saying that..."



"Mmm, I'm listening." He nodded, tilting his head towards me.

I stamped my foot down and gritted my teeth, "Where's my room?!"

"Your room...?" He frowned, "You think your come to stay in a five star hotel where I'm gonna give you your room key and serve you and do room service?"

I folded my hands this time, "I'm a guest here. And since it's your home, you should take care of me. Why? So that this place can really be called a five star."

He rolled his eyes and pointed upstairs, "I've got another room up there besides the one which is open. You can stay there."

I walked upstairs very happily because the house smelled of coffee and some freshener. A room at the side, which was Harry's, was all messy with some soft music playing. The dog followed me behind and then entered into his room. There was a bowl of chips on his bed. Half the chips were on his bed. An empty of beer was thrown under the bed. It was rolling from left to right. The television was on with some movie going on. And pieces of paper were thrown around everywhere. 

Why couldn't his bedroom be as clean as his living room. I doubted whether the other room was gonna be okay. 

I heard a cough. When I turned behind, it was Harry with a cup of coffee in his hand. He took a sip, "I didn't tell you to sneak around."

"I wasn't sneaking around." I shook my head, "Your room is such a mess that my eyes couldn't resist seeing it. I mean, I can't figure out whether your a clean or messy guy. You living room is so pretty but your bedroom is like a pigsty."

He sipped onto his coffee and ignoring me he walked to the second bedroom and opened the door. I followed him and saw that the entire room was clean without a speck of dust. The sheets were fresh and everything was properly arranged. 

I gave myself a smile and sigh of relief putting my bag down. I jumped on the bed and made myself cozy, "This room is better." He turned to go, "Hey!" He turned back with the what-do-you-want-now! expression, "Could you make me some coffee too?"

"What the hell?!"

"Pleeeeease." I blinked several times trying be innocent.

He stared at me and then scratched his curly hair, "Arg!!! Fine!!!"

He turned back again, "Hey hold on!"

This time he gave me a stern look, "You want me to give you a massage now?!"

"Actually that would be good." I say up straight, "But no...I was just messing around with you."

He rolled his eyes and shut the door behind his back.

The End

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